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  1. DCampbell
    Studying Psalm 119, Psalm 139
  2. Pastor David Langley
    Pastor David Langley
    It is Easter may God bless each sermon, service, and servant!
  3. Thomas E. Morris
    Thomas E. Morris
    God Bless y'all; I suppose I'll live until I die; or the Lord comes first!!! Thomas
  4. neville minnie
    neville minnie Brandon Staggs
    Thanks Brandon for the help you afforded me
  5. Pastor David Langley
    Pastor David Langley jake
    Good to know Christ is still CHANGING lives. How long have you been a Follower of Christ? I am in Oklahoma. God Bless you and your new Birth!
  6. Editor
    Deluxe Version 8 user.
  7. Nay
    If God is your Co-Pilot, you need to swap seats.
  8. Charles Robert Luster
    Charles Robert Luster
    anyone serve in the usmc
  9. Lawrence O. Nwose
    Lawrence O. Nwose
    Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.
  10. Peniel
    The grace of the Lord is upon me and my eyes are open.
  11. AmySeilnum
    Sinner saved by grace.
  12. wsbones
    wsbones john.a
    John, try downloading this file and unzip to your SS user directory. It should have all the work done. Let me know.
  13. Randy Brown
    Randy Brown
    I am a Freewill Baptist Minister. I hope that you make all of Clarence Larkin's works available thru SwordSearcher.
  14. SMS Master
    SMS Master
    SMS Marketing Software Australia
  15. Myron Hale
    Myron Hale
    I have been a Christian since April 28, 2005 @ about 2:00 p.m.
  16. silva
    silva Brandon Staggs
    dear brother thank you for the help you showed me.
  17. Yuriko Lorenz
    Yuriko Lorenz
    Jesus is Lord!
  18. David Shields
    David Shields
    This bible tool is a tremendous blessing. Thank you Sword Searcher for this invaluable study tool for growing disciples in Christ.
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  19. Chester
    not a human going through a spiritual experience
  20. Chester
    I am a spiritual being going through a human experience!