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Handbook of Personal Evangelism [StanfordPE] 1.0

by Dr. A. Ray Stanford, Founder of Florida Bible College.

  1. Brandon Staggs
    Executable installer. Installs images and book module.

    Handbook of Personal Evangelism
    by Dr. A. Ray Stanford, Founder of Florida Bible College.

    Used with permission. Module submitted by George Bean with permission of Dr. Stanford.
    SwordSearcher tab: Books > StanfordPE

    Module Contents:
    00) Title Page
    01) Table of Contents
    02) Foreward
    03) Introduction
    04) The Message
    05) Eternal Security
    06) Chastening and Rewards
    07) The Messenger
    08) The Opening and The Close
    09) Repentance
    10) Lordship Salvation
    11) Faith without Works
    12) Water Baptism
    13) Evolution
    14) The Atheist and Agnostic
    15) The Jew
    16) The Roman Catholic
    17) 20th Century Protestantism
    18) Jehovah's Witnesses
    19) Seventh-Day Adventism
    20) Christian Science and Unity
    21) Mormonism
    22) Understanding the Two Natures
    23) Understanding Predestination
    24) Helpful Hints
    25) Recommended Literature
    26) Illustration Illustrated

    From the Foreword:
    This book places at your fingertips practical, clear, effective methods to reach people for Christ in a loving way. You will be provided the answers to difficult questions concerning cults, sects, religions, agnostics and atheists and how to recognize the truth from false doctrine.
    You will have proof that creation is a scientific fact and that the theory of evolution is a farce. It will give you the know-how to give comfort and assurance to believers, that they can be saved for eternity and that God will never let them be lost. This book is dedicated to all who love people and don’t want them to end up in hell.
    Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2Ti 2:15​