16:31 verses

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    This is an interesting study that shows an unusual feature of SwordSearcher.
    Check out all the 16:31 verses in the Bible using the Reference Pattern Search. There are only eleven:


    Ex 16:31; Le 16:31; Nu 16:31; Jg 16:31; 1Ki 16:31; 1Ch 16:31; Pr 16:31; Eze 16:31; Lu 16:31; Joh 16:31; Ac 16:31

    Verse themes:
    Manna, Day of Atonement, Korah swallowed up, Sampson's death, Jezebel, the Lord reigneth, crown of glory, whorish Jerusalem, hear Moses and the prophets, do you believe, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
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    Thank you Bill:)
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    nice................good job bro!

    i did the same thing on 3:13, which really yields some choice scripture about a certain doctrine in the scripture

    appreciate the time you put into that one-- good preaching/teaching outline right there!
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