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Discussion in 'Coffee Table' started by TerriP, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. TerriP

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    1. I forget about the new feature "Like". Been told it works like in Facebook, but since I am not a Facebook fan I am not accustomed to use this Like button, even when there are so many posts and replies etc. that I truly do, well, like. So I do apologize for not telling each of you when I do and will try to use it in the future, where applicable - which is a lot so watch out.

    2. On the Forums tab, looking at "members online now," I see me and a couple of other members, sometimes the names are listed, sometimes I just see the number of how many. I see guests. And I see robots. Which is kind of creeping me out. Dude. Robots? What on earth is that?
  2. Brandon Staggs

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    Google, Bing, etc -- indexing the site for search engines.
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  4. I have been on and off line scents 1994 and have seen lots i mean bunches of things and i cant under stand how they even get on the internet. silly things like robots . well haft to go to the next reading see ya later up in ???????