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Discussion in 'Coffee Table' started by marty, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. marty

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    I have sent a few SwordSearcher programs to pastors with the hope that they would recommend the program to their staff and congregations. My note to them asked if they couldn't use SS, would they pass it on to someone who could use it. No idea if they do that, but I would keep up the practice if I knew that pastors do suggest SwordSearcher to their people. How about it?
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  2. BroCharlieD

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    Good idea. I recommend it when the opportunity arises.
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  3. terrpn

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    i put a "sword searcher link" on the front page of my churches website, so nobody misses it.

    most are still stuck on e-sword
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  4. marty

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    What a great idea! Do you link to the online videos so people can see how SwordSearcher works?
  5. terrpn

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    i put a link on a teaching that brandon did about a week ago on our BIBLE STUDIES AND TEACHINGS page, but other than that the link i have on there just kicks them over to the ss homepage where they can look on there own.

    unfortunately and to be completely honest, as inexpensive as the program is...........the norm is unless its free i'll pass- pretty pathetic!

    i have yet to find a bible software that compares to SS not to mention all the stuff behind the scenes that most people refuse to even find out is available. show me another bible program that has a forum of members as we do that are there to help one another and it's owner that is pretty much there 24/7 to resolve any issues!

    i know we all do not agree doctrinally, but we do major on the majors and minor on the minors. i like to say there are some good graceful people here that chew up the meet and spit out the bones............. some of us have been here for so long it is more than just a community, but family.

    all we can do is put it out there and then its between them and the lord. i love SS so much i went and got a mouse that you can program macro's that all i have to do is just hit the button and an extra monitor i dedicate to SS, so when i am studying, preparing an outline, etc. it is right there:)

    i wish i was smart enough to figure out tweaks, more features as some of the others here............reckon i'm not, so i just use the heck out of it and have it front and center on my churches website so everybody can check it on their own:cool:
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  6. Johnny NL

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    NO !!!! There is no other Bible program, that the creator of it, send you back an e-mail early in the morning to fix your problem !!!!....NONE.
    Like I said before;" Swordsearcher is the second best decision in your life, ... right after your Salvation! "
    If they would be able to know how much they would be blessed, they would buy it by the pallet.
    Ya'all be blessed now.
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  7. marty

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    I agree we are family here - and indeed, we are - His family! And I agree - I love SwordSearcher. It (and Brandon) has made a big impact on my life. I'd like to see Brandon's face when our Lord shows him just what He's done through Brandon's work and generosity. What a lifeline! It's such a great program that I think everybody should have it and I love giving it to people (because you're right - they are too willing to settle for 'free')! I just know if we could get SS into the hands of a few key people and they get excited about it and start talking about it, everybody will want one. :)
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  8. terrpn

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    yes sir...........after reading some of your posts i will go back and add the "free trial" download to my links page and let them know (if they do not) they can try free (30 days?) with limited features
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  9. terrpn

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  10. terrpn

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    hey marty..............

    put the "free download" image/link on my FRONT PAGE.....................can't miss it now:D

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  11. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    You folks are so kind. :)
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