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  1. Another question from a newbie. What about all those "free" books and commentary's, we "I" go crazy downloading? Can those be backed up so all I have to do is re-install on my new PC then do a restore from my backups? Or does one have to re-install all those as well, then do a "restore from" to get personal information? I hope I am asking the right question, cause I did not want to try it first!
    David Langley
  2. Brandon Staggs

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    If you download the modules into your Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules folder, which is the suggested practice, they will be backed up by any normal backup software that includes your documents folder. You can just restore them all to that location and you'll have them again.
  3. Johnny NL

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    And....if I may....don't forget to back up your "preferences" and "highlights".....
    I've got SOOO many fonts preferences, size, colors, etc.... what a joy!!!
  4. :)Thank you all. I mostly have used SS to search and paste. My concern of investing so much of my work into the "default" folders that I could not be in control . After the videos and your kind instructions I now have a much more working knowledge of it. I still wonder why there are two folders for "modules" on my Win 7 Home PC.

    I have two separate folders; one is C:\Program Files (x86)\SwordSearcher 5
    and the other is; C:\Users\David\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules and of course this last one is the default Libraries/documents folder for Windows.

    Sent window snippets of both folders, am I missing something? Hope snippets show what I am missing.
    Should there be two? ;)Please forgive my slowness on this, just protective when it comes to my "DATA".:)

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  5. wsbones

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    There are 2 by design. Program files is where the software and SS official modules are installed. User created modules go in the User... directory. You can have user modules in more than one location if you specify more in the preferences. See pic.
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  6. marty

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    Brandon will explain the why's, but yes, both folders are good. Don't put YOUR modules or third party modules in the Program Files folder or you won't be able to edit them. Don't put duplicate files in both places because only one copy of them will open and you won't be happy. I just ignore the files in the Program Files folder for the most part. Everything you need to work with is in the Documents folder. You can trust SwordSearcher with your modules. Keep it simple. :)
  7. terrpn

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    those are the older ss modules that open with the import ss 3x, 4x module- correct?
  8. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    The C:\Program Files\SwordSearcher\Modules folder is where all of the "official" modules go--the ones included with SwordSearcher.

    Your Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules folder is where your personal modules go when they are created. It's also where your highlighting data (if you use Bible highlighting) and reading plan data (if you use reading plans) are stored. That location is where Microsoft says it should be (user-editable content) and is also usually backed up by default/automatically when someone uses backup software.

    Also, I recommend putting downloaded modules in there, too, although that is not required. You can create another folder for those, if you want, as Bill's screen shot shows.
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  9. terrpn

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    gotcha.............that's pretty clear

    i over the years have dumped "all" my modules in the SS modules folder and am not sure if i would even know which is which now.

    i could probably "uninstall" and then re-install SS, then dump all 3rd party modules in the separate folder, which i agree would be better
  10. After your comments and the video training guides it all makes sense now! I am a little slow, but thank you again.
    I have my backups in order and have full confidence in the software, as I always have. Just getting into it over waste deep was a concern.
    Will continue to watch the training guides! Thanks again to all comments!
  11. Johnny NL

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    and all that file "C:\Program Files\SwordSearcher\Modules folder" is ALWAYS backed up on me external hard drive (WD) and just in case, also on a flash drive just for this purpose. B E C A U S E.... Murphy's law says... "anything that could go wrong, ... WILL go wrong!" Right?
    Indeed. It happened to me last year, and I had a very closed counter with: Matthew 8 :12 "... into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." Man did I feel desperation, when my "funny" pc laptop crashed !!!!! I had a partial back up then....(my bad) and I had to get back to all the books downloaded and all comments, and most of all, all my notes, editable notes, highlights....what a job....
    I am so afraid now to lose everything that I had collected so far, that I even bought a brand new KJV paper Bible, large fonts,(because there is more space to write in it.) just to make a twin paper copy of all my written notes, highlights, underlined, all this with the identical color code as my Swordsearcher 7.1..... by the way, this NOT being smart; this is FEAR....(lololll).
    So we can alllllll say the "WORD" of the day is: B A C K U P !
    Ya'all enjoy this "hard learning" teaching.... be ALL Blessed by THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.
  12. terrpn

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    right.................JESUS CHRIST saves

    computers do not!
  13. I use a simple sync program called FileSync, it actually does quite well. Manual backups or "real-time command line" backups, which is what I use for everything. While trying to determine just what and where to backup I learned what you all were saying about the modules. I am very confident now thanks to you all. Still playing with how I will save and organize my personal data. Been using SwordSearcher for 10 years now and have just gotton where I am making it my "togo" software, as well as my only Bible study tool. It truly is remarkable what all it does! Thanks again to all and especially to the creator; Brandon Staggs. God Bless.
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