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    I just finished copying the Blue Letter Bible Harmony of the Gospel that we have in SwordSearcher (thank you) and pasted it to Excel. I then deleted the topic titles, for example "The Baptism of Christ" and "Ministry and Parables", all of them. Then I got rid of the word "The" that was at the beginning of some lines, such as "The Centurion's servant healed" and moved it to the end of that line, so that now they all read, for example "Centurion's servant healed, The", so that I can search the printed copy faster for whatever subject I need at the time.

    So then I formatted to print landscape, to both sides of a page, and so that it has room at the top for staples or other fasteners, or in my case I am using my little binding machine. Added page numbers, e.g. page 1 of 9, etc. (It's only 9 pages).

    So if anyone would like a copy of the Excel or I can print it to pdf, too, if you want.... Just holler, happy to email to you.

    p.s. full credit to BLB at the bottom of page 9, plus a link to that BLB page online.
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    I would like a copy - pdf, please! Thanks! :)
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    Ditto!! Thanks :)