Blood moons and solar eclipses - 2014-2015

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    Thank you Bill for passing on this information it was very interesting.
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    Interesting info...
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    I've heard Pastor Hagee preach about the four blood moons and heard other pastors talk about them. Very interesting! Thanks, Bill.
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    Here's a link to Hagee preaching several messages on it also. 2 hours total.
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    Mark Biltz was the one to first discover this using information from the NASA web site. One other thing which I think is fascinating about all this is; If you take the date of June 7, 1967 {Jews take back Jerusalem} x360 {The days of a year in The Book of Daniel}x49 years {the first part of Daniel's 70 week prophecy was 49 years to rebuild Jerusalem & The 2nd Temple} you end up with September 23, 2015...Yom Kippur. You can check out the Math on It may mean nothing at all, but it does coincide with the last of this Blood Moon tetrad and could have something to do with the third Temple.
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    Man O Man !!!!