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  1. Hi. Can I do a search for a word but exclude a phrase. Eg: I want to search for "children" (1524 results) but EXCLUDE "children of Isreal" (604) results. I tried a BOOOLEAN search under the F2 search. My search string was children -"children of isreal" Thanks much!
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    To find all of the verses that have the word "children" but do not have the phrase "children of Israel" you can use this Boolean search:

    children !"children of israel"

    The ! before the quoted "children of Israel" tells SwordSearcher to exclude any verses that have that phrase.

    The result is 1126 matches in 920 verses.

    However it is important to keep in mind that the negation applies to the whole verse. If the word children appears twice in the verse but the phrase "children of Israel" only appears once, it will still exclude the verse.

    So, a more thorough way to do it would be with a RegEx search. Use the Search Bible window (from the Search menu or main toolbar or F2) and switch to the RegEx Search tab, and search for this: \bchildren(?! of Israel)

    This returns 1175 matches in 961 verses, and includes Exodus 12:37, for example, which has the word children twice, one without "of Israel" after it. But there are things to remember here, too: a RegEx is extremely literal. This search will include Exodus 9:4 that has the phrase "children's of Israel" in it.

    children of israel.png

    RegEx searches are pretty complex but extremely powerful. You can learn more about them here.
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    I did not know that. Might this be a good topic for a video? You could also go into RegEx searches which I know nothing about.
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    Well, you have highlighted the fact that SS is feature rich...