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    Emergency Prayer Request for Bro. Cloud
    Aug/22/14 17:38
    Dear Subscribers and Fellow Supporters,

    We are posting this note as an emergency request for prayer on behalf of David Cloud, who has been in the hospital on the mission field for the last several days with pneumonia, a swollen pancreas, and swollen intestines. He will be in the hospital for at least three or four more days as they try to clear up the pneumonia and get his pancreas functioning normally again. If his pancreas doesn't heal and begin functioning normally then the prognosis can be very bad. However, we trust that all will be well and the Lord gives peace and grace day by day, moment by moment.

    Received from his wife Linda a few hours ago: “His condition has been changed from Acute to Serious and the doctors most likely will move him to ICU. Only our pleadings have kept him out so far, because there is no privacy and no resting in ICU with the constant noise. His pancreas has not shown signs of improving. They are keeping him off of all foods and liquids, which of course has made him much weaker. His oxygen level drops significantly when he is off of oxygen for a few minutes. If his pancreas does not kick in and begin working properly, then other organs can begin to become damaged and it could be a downhill road from there. I have peace as I know the Lord does the right thing at all times. But we do covet prayers and thank those who are praying.”

    If you care to email Bro. Cloud to let him (and family) know you are praying, please address it to:
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    Praying here.
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    Just lifted him and his family before the throne of God and will add them to my prayer list.
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    Praying also!!
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    Praise the Lord! Thanks for the update.:)