Bug or intended: highlighting ampersand does more than that

Discussion in 'General' started by Eric, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Eric

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    I ran across this detail today and it's not too important, but it may be worth mentioning.

    E.g., Heb 9:12 in Bish (Bishops) has an ampersand (&). If one highlights it alone, then everything up to it, but not including it is highlighted. After that I removed all hightlights from the verse, and selected the ampersand and the word following it. In that case everything from the beginning of the verse to the word after the ampersand was highlighted.

    I guess SS is treating this symbol as if it were punctuation or something. Really it's just a symbol that means "and". What I wanted to do was highlight only it and the word following it. I can't seem to do that.
  2. Brandon Staggs

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    It's not a bug, exactly... since it is regarded as punctuation, the highlighting doesn't include it as a "highlightable" item nor is it indexed for normal searching. This is how it works in the other modules as well. As a compromise for speed and other issues, highlighting in Bibles is "word based" and excludes anything that isn't part of the search indexing. I'm sorry, but the idiosyncratic nature of that particular module makes what you want to do not possible at this time.
  3. Eric

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    No problem. :)