User-submitted Combined Big Picture and Discipleship 101 1.0

Combines and replaces BPS and 1o1 modules.

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    Combined Big Picture and Discipleship 101 - Combines and replaces BPS and 1o1 modules.

    This material was prepared for teaching discipleship at First Bible Baptist Church, Rochester, NY. It may be viewed online here.

    The lessons provide structure for Bible study based on
    • Events
    • People
    • Places
    • Times
    The material is accessible in a hierarchical network from the first page which can be thought of as a roadmap or table of contents - Big Picture...[/quote]

    Read more about this module...
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  2. john.a

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    Thanks Bill I really appreciate the time and effort you put into these modules.
    God Bless.
  3. Ruthlyn

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    Thanks Bill.
  4. ishaknatan

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    Verily verily very good . . .
  5. wsbones

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    Here is a link to a video explaining how to use the Big Picture materials available on our church website. It is very similar to the BDP101 module and the BCWB module for SwordSearcher.

    The FBBC discipleship material shown in the video is at this link:
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  6. Brandon Staggs

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    That's great!
  7. wsbones

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    Here's another video discussing the discipleship lessons and word clouds.

    This is for the FBBC website but the same is available in the SS modules BDP101 and BCWB
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  8. ishaknatan

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    Thanks Bill.
    It reminds me again to have a 'Big Picture' of God's words intact.
  9. Ken Sturgeon

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    Sweetness!! :) I like the drill downs into the individual studies.
    Thank you Bill
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