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  1. Eric

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    Brandon and others,

    I'm studying the phrase εν πνευματι αγιω (in / with / by the Holy Ghost). Since it only occurs in the TR 14x in 14 vv., it is not hard to find what I want without a complex search. But I'd like to learn how to do more complex searches in SwordSearcher in cases like this when I'm looking at a Greek phrase from the TR and seeing how the KJV translates it in various passages. What would be the best search syntax to find out which verses the KJV translate this phrase with the word "in" (i.e., "in the Holy Ghost") , then which ones with the word "with" (i.e., "with the Holy Ghost"), then which ones with the word "by" (i.e., "by the Holy Ghost")? Of course in this specific case, 14 verses is a small enough number that I can find them all myself, but can I somehow use the KJVSL module and search for a string of Strong's numbers and include an English phrase? Thanks in advance!
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    I'm not sure you will be able to do quite what you want. You can do a phrase search along with a Strong's number search, and that might be enough, but there isn't any way to ensure that the Strong's number appears in the phrase you're searching for; you would still need to carefully review each result.

    The search would look like this:

    "by the holy ghost" g1722

    Note that the result highlighting of the Strong's word takes precedence so the phrase ends up not being highlighted.
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    Thank you, Brandon. I think I understand what you mean that one can't be sure the Strong's # I'm looking for is in the phrase being analyzed. It could well be that that Greek word is in another place in the verse. That's OK. I can make do. Thanks for your response.