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Discussion in 'General' started by jfw, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. jfw

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    Copy and Paste bible scripture with highlight.
    Just wondered if this could be done.
  2. Brandon Staggs

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  3. jfw

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    Sorry to bother you on this little minor thing.

    I want to copy and paste bible scripture with underline and color marking.
  4. Editor

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    I spent a good amount of time exploring that yesterday, and thought it worked at one point.

    Can't seem to reproduce it this morning though, but still on the first cup of coffee. :cool:
  5. jfw

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    I found a way in E-Sword Bible.
    Copy scrolling down with a mouse and paste in Microsoft Word.
    Then you could put it in a user book in Swordsearcher.
  6. Editor

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    Ha! nothing like bringing the competition to bear. :eek: No really it's not meant to be an embarrassment.

    The reason I'm here is to find ways to extract definitions from Hebrew and Greek words as they pertain to the English Common Law (Coke, Blackstone, etc).. the Reformation if you will. The folks I'm working with are lawyer-farmers in the mid west that rely on the land and land rights. Their pubs are VERY good, but very pricey and product quality is lacking. We're not laying pipe in the ground with heavy equipment here, you know. < < humor