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Discussion in 'Future' started by marty, Apr 20, 2014.

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    It would be helpful to be able to select "Copy from [verse] to verse..." from the right-click options in the search results panel, if that's possible to do from there. Now we have to change the Bible panel to the search results passage we want, copy the range of verses and then put the Bible panel back to what we were reading/listening. It takes like two extra clicks and exhausts my clicker-finger. ;) Seriously, if I'm listening to a passage and want to make a quick note linking related verses, I have to stop the reading to change texts and that breaks the flow.
  2. Brandon Staggs

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    Do you mean you'd like to be able to copy a range starting with the verse in the search results, through to a verse that isn't visible in the results? That could certainly be done, but I want to be sure I understand the request.

    If you just want to copy some of the verses that are visible, using the formatting preferences you have chosen, you can just mark anywhere inside of one verse through the last one you want copied, and right-click and select the copy verses option (it will indicate which verses you marked). But I gather that is not actually what you want to do so hence this post. :)
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    Yes, you understand what I'm asking. :) In the Bible panel when you right-click on a verse you have the option to copy from that verse to any verse to the end of the chapter, but in the search results panel, you can only copy the single verse - i.e. if John 1:4 is in the search results panel and I can see from the preview that I really need to copy John 1:4-6 for context, I have to load John 1 into the Bible panel and copy the range from there, then put the Bible panel back to where I was reading to continue on.

    What would be absolutely excellent would be if I could open a clone Bible panel from the search panel - that way if I needed to copy John 1:3-6 as in the example above, I could do it without disturbing the main Bible panel. What do you think of that? This issue came up because of the Reading Plan. I'm now reading more consistently and making more notes. The Reading Plan is a great addition to SwordSearcher! The DB&P is really good, but I tended to slack off on the reading plan there, and would restart in bursts of enthusiasm which would taper off again because it wasn't in front of me all the time and I'd forget until I was too far behind.
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  4. Brandon Staggs

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    You can open a clone panel from the verse in the results panel. Doing so will probably get you everything you want to do.

    By default, this happens if you CTRL+CLICK the verse tag link in the verse list.

    This setting is controlled from the preferences area you see in the attached email.

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    Awesome! We can forget this post - all except your last answer! Thanks, Brandon!
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    This is certainly awesome :)
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