Video Cross-referencing with the KJV-TSK

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  1. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    Here's a closer look at the integrated KJV-TSK cross-referencing Bible tab:

    This can also be viewed here.

    The KJV-TSK was added in version 8.
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  2. ishaknatan

    ishaknatan Beta Tester

    Thanks Brandon.
  3. Johnny NL

    Johnny NL Active Member

    Thanks a lot Sir, this is awesome!
    All them settings are very nice. KJV-TSK is my new tool it!
  4. Eric

    Eric Beta Tester

    Well done, Brandon. Your videos are clear and useful.
  5. Gord

    Gord Beta Tester

    Thank you, very helpful.
  6. marty

    marty Beta Tester

    Could you include these videos in the Help file, or are they just too big file-wise? They are a WONDERFUL way to see what SS can do! I always learn something new when I watch them as they are so informative and insightful. You do a great job with them, Brandon! :)
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  7. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    Marty, you could put a link or actually paste this page into your user topics for videos:
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  8. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    They are much too large to include in the installer.

    They're all listed and described here:
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  9. marty

    marty Beta Tester

    I was thinking of them being available offline. Had a feeling they would be too big for the installer. Just a thought... sigh. :)
  10. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    Depending on your web browser you can actually save the video files to your hard drive so you don't need to be online. Play one of the videos and while it is playing, right-click on it. Some browsers have a save video item on the right-click menu.
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  11. Johnny NL

    Johnny NL Active Member

    Videos,videos,videos... I am a man that "data" goes through my brain with the help of "pictures"o_O
    I posted that on March 4th:
    I use a lot of the SS features, BUT, I am going over the videos again, randomly and it is nice to find out that I don't know everything...:rolleyes:
    I watched them videos at least once, some twice, some more. And I "RE-learn" again some of the stuff that I had forgotten, every time that I return to these videos... this is GREAT to have all access 24/7.
    Thanks much...:D

    Videos ARE "The windows" that open into SwordSearcher world. With out them, I wouldn't enjoy SS as much !
    Thanks for the "picture after market", ...
    Like I said before,: "SwordSearcher IS the next best thing after the Word of God and the Salvation !!!":)

    I pray that who ever sees this blog, SS page, will see and understand the extended reach of SS into The Word of God, Amen!
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  12. Johnny NL

    Johnny NL Active Member

    As I was watching this video, (specially the second part, "settings") I was already using the feature: "auto-hide", but now with the KJV-TSK settings for a new panel every time I "click" an new arrow, it goes on the side "auto-hide" panel !!!!! LOVE IT ! I already use 2 screens, but now this give me more "expendable" settings/set ups.

    - File/preferences and settings/layout options/"allow "auto-hide"." Then each new panel, "pin" or "unpin" if you want them auto-hide on the right side. LOVELY !

    "SwordSearcher... to infinity, and beyond !!":cool:
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  13. Johnny NL

    Johnny NL Active Member

    Oh by the way... for them each panel, I also use the "toggle bar graph".... INFO/DATA right in your face.....all the time !!!
    If you "click" on a active "toggle bar graph" in such panel; the ref. link to the "bar graph" will light up for a second in you panel. (maybe I do not explain it well, but it works and it great !)"
    SS8 has such wonderful great new features..... I mean it.:D:D:D
    To me, all them videos are my missing links to my "Bible studying performances..."
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