Editable Module From Previous SS Version Is Not Editable In New Version

Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by KptnFmrs, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. KptnFmrs

    KptnFmrs Beta Tester

    I created a couple of user modules a few years ago and they have worked fine through an SS upgrade or two.

    Recently, my Surface Pro 3 became an usable. I have SS on several computers and my modules were available to add to the SS modules when I replaced the computer. I bought a whole new Swordsearcher Suite a few weeks ago. When I added my modules into the module folder, I found that I could not edit them.

    I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.


    Ken Hansen
    Marion, IA
  2. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    Did you put them in the SS user module folder? If you put them in the program directory they would be uneditable.
  3. Eric

    Eric Beta Tester

    Yes, as Bill said, it probably has to do with where they are on your computer.
  4. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    If you right-click the module tab and select the "information" item on the popup menu, it should tell you why the module is not editable. Also, the Help menu will have a "module error log" item on it if there were any problems loading modules, so you can check that, too.

    Almost always, this is because the module file is not in a writable location. Putting editable modules into the Program Files location of your computer will force them into read-only mode. They need to be moved to your user Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules folder.
  5. KptnFmrs

    KptnFmrs Beta Tester

    Excellent!! Thank you all very much!