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    My new favorite radio station is Final Fight Bible Radio. I am in no way, shape or form associated outside of Christ with this radio station. This station does not play contemporary christian music and that's all I'm going to say about that.

    From their site:
    Do you like Ruckman, Donovan, Hoffman, and other faithful KJB preachers and teachers? Then you'll love this!

    Who we are
    Final Fight Bible Radio is a ministry of Bible Believers Baptist Church in Portland, OR. Our website can be found here.

    This radio station emphasizes:

    • The Scriptures (The King James Bible)
    • Foreign Missions
    • The Gospel
    We take a polemic, aggressive approach to Christian Radio as opposed to the apologetic and often worldly stance found on most “Christian” stations.
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    My husband and I used to watch and enjoy Peter Ruckman for years - he is the one who paints while he's teaching, right? But I learned a lot from his teaching.
    I am not familiar with Hoffman, or Donavan, but I will look them up on the internet. Boy, I like good KJV Bible-based-only teaching!
    I like Jimmy Swaggart, also, a LOT. His teaching is true to the Word - he preaches Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, as Apostle Paul did, and King James Bible only, as well.
    I notice on your church website that under the tab "The Gospel" there is a recording of a teaching from David Spurgeon. Any relation to Charles, I am wondering...?
    I clicked on your radio link and listened for a while, then added it to the folder "Bible Studies" in My Favorites bar for quick access. I like a lot of that old music also and agree with you whole-heartedly on worldly "Christian" music, too. What do they call that, an oxy-moron, right?

    Thanks, Michael.
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    Donovan is from Ruckman's church. Hoffman is the one that had the "Common Man's Reference Bible" published.
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    The link failed to open page.
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    Mine did, too, first couple times I clicked on the link (the radio link and also the church website.) But I tried again and it worked. Works fine now, that I got it in my favorites bar.
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    Thanks that worked.
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    Hello Terri,

    I do not attend that church as they are in Oregon and I in New York. All I know of them is from what I have read on their website.
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    OIC. Well, I did look his name up on the internet but could not find if there was any relation. But boy, what a testimony! Check this out!

    God is good! And brother, I got my own testimony - the Big One - then testimonies, plural, on a daily basis...!
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