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    Those who have one and have an opinion on the pro's and con's of various devices...

    If you were going to recommend a device to someone shopping for one, what would you recommend and why?

    And what things in general should a person consider when shopping for one?
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    I use a Palm z22. I bought it for $79 new. I also bought MyBible with KJV and strongs, TSK, and Easton Bible Dictionary (Naves is also available). It is fully indexed so you can search for word or phrase in the whole Bible in about 1 sec. You can highlight text with 8 colors and take notes on each verse. I use it in church. It has all the functionality I need for color, calendar, notes, tasks, calculator, clock, pictures. It comes with 32mb of memory but no expansion capability. It's enough for me but there is not much left after installing all the Bible material. It syncs with my PC for backup. I can recommend it.

    Drawbacks: Small screen but enough. No expansion slot.
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    I have a Palm Lifedrive. It is a nice device.

    The really nice part is the 4gb hard drive which makes it cabable of having a lot of docs available. I have Bible Thumper, which is a pretty nice program. You pay for the app and the supporting reference books are free, and there are quite a few.

    The HD carries lots of ebooks and reference material.

    The drawback is that the drive is slower than memory, so there are slight delays when accessing data from the drive. There are utilities that also make it act line a USB drive for direct access via any computer.

    Also, it is pricey.

    As with any handheld device you need to be real sure to examine the devices. It is nice to say you can do all this, but the smaller screen (even the little larger ones, like on the Lifedrive) make things more difficult than say a laptop or a real book. I use my laptop more, and can use the same ebooks for the most part, so my handheld usage is minimal. I doubt you could do a major study on a hand held. Easy for camping, traveling and minor lookups.

    I have also used Pocket PC devices, as far as "which is better" is really personal choice.

    Hope this helps

    God Bless
    Bro. Mike
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    That was helpful, thanks. OTHERS???
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    Just as a post-script.

    I just put the entire KJV in MP3 on my LifeDrive and I still have 2.2 GB left. Now I don't have to carry an extra MP3 Player, which I don't have anyway.

    God bless
    Bro. Mike
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    Good idea.