Discussion in 'General' started by Johnny NL, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Johnny NL

    Johnny NL Active Member

    Me pc crashed, and I had saved all me files, including Highlights.
    I re-installed everything, and me Highlights don't show up. But everything else is there.....
    The file "highlights" is in SwordSearcher/documents.
    What did I do wrong !!!!
    H e l p ! ! ! loll
  2. Johnny NL

    Johnny NL Active Member

    Me problem??? I subbed file it..... this is a "no-no"....
    I putted it back as a doc/swordsearcher user modules.
    Tadada.... working !!!!!
    SS.... Isn't it the most "wonder of the world" prog or what ?!?!?!?
    SS really did change me life......first BEST THING , after Salvation.
    Ya'all be blessed now.
    sorry for this little "Frenchman craziness".... I panicked, now I breath !!! (lolllll)
  3. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    Glad you got it working. I was just about to write a reply when I saw your update come in. :)
  4. Johnny NL

    Johnny NL Active Member

    thank you Sir.....
    Sometimes, it's faster to "panic"... loll
    thanks again.