Idaho/Oregon Wildfires

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    Hello Prayer Warriors! There are some monster wildfires in Idaho and Oregon right now. The 'Soda Fire' is over 265,000 acres and only 10% contained. Ranches and livestock are being burned up. Homes are going up. Wildlife is being burned. Know you'll pray with us that God will take a hand with these fires.

    When the wind changes direction, the fire burns back across what was already burned - it is moving so fast that there is still fuel left behind.

    This video was shot a couple days ago. It has bad language at the beginning. Sorry for the offense - turn the sound off. If you slide it up (fast-forward) to about 1:45, you'll see some more of the fire. The slider will appear when you put your mouse on the image.
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    Praying. Couldn't see the video though... got an error message.
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  3. The smoke from these is really causing some trouble too, even miles away. 3 fire fighters have lost their lives as well in the similar area fires in Washington.
    Count me in on praying