Is Islam Christian?

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    NO, Islam is NOT Christian!!!
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    Islam is satanic.
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    Simple answer is that Christ defeated death, arose and is alive, witnessed and recorded in history and in the scriptures, you don't need a chart to know that.

    Mohamed is still just dust and very dead.

    I agree with Rev Tim, Islam is just another way for Satan to get man's eye off the truth. Only Satan would ask that type of question. Remember Genesis 3:4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:
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    There appears to be a movement, started in the 80's and another version of the same in the mid 90's called Chrislam. There are churches now that carry both the Bible and the Qur'ran. It appears that the concept of marrying these two disparate beliefs is growing.

    I have heard that Robert Schueller (sp?) and Rick Warren (sp?) are a part of this movement! Isn't apostacy the final shoe to drop before the rapture and subsequent return of Christ?
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    There's a pretty good article here that explains objectively, then you can decide.
    I think if talking with a person who professes Islam they may be close to accepting Isa (Jesus), but they must renounce the idea that Mohammed is supreme or even equal with Isa. They must accept that Isa is the sinless Lamb of God who was crucified to atone for their sins, and must accept Him as Lord. I think discussion of issues like the Trinity would be fruitless, but honestly - they believe Isa was born of a virgin so they may be persuaded that he is the divine offspring of God. Accepting that Mohammed is not superior to Isa is probably where you would find most difficulty.