User-submitted J. Vernon McGee Book Notes and Outlines 1.0

Select McGee's PDF notes using a bookshelf metaphor

  1. wsbones

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    wsbones submitted a new module:

    J. Vernon McGee Book Notes and Outlines - Select McGee's PDF notes using a bookshelf metaphor

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  2. Gord

    Gord Beta Tester

    Thank you Bill.
  3. john.a

    john.a Active Member

    Thank you Bill.
  4. Ruthlyn

    Ruthlyn Beta Tester

    Thank you Bill. My eyes were crossing with all the tech talk :confused:... I like having it complete and nicely packaged :D
  5. drjpreston

    drjpreston Member

    Thanks Bill, Glad to be able to read about where the "rubber meet the road." on my SS.
    This is one of the reason I love Sword Searcher. It is not only a GREAT Bible program but there is a great community that is associated with it that is always helpful. The add-ons are almost always something useable. You are not paying hundreds of $ for things you don't want or will not use or that you can easily find free in public domain. If you don't understand something the very person who created the module or program (Sword S) will personally be there to answer your question and help you. It does not get any better that this. Thanks guys / gals.
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  6. rplion

    rplion Member

    I put the ssbook into the Module folder, and put the JVM Assets folder in the main Swordsearcher program folder, and it shows the JVM tab in books, but I can only get the audio commentaries. How do I insert so that I can read the pdf commentaries in Swordsearcher?

    Bro. Paul
  7. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    The JVM assets folder goes in C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules\
    See picture below:

  8. Andy777

    Andy777 Member

    Thanks Bill. The links to the audio files on Blue Letter Bible produce 404 error pages though. Have the links changed?
  9. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    Yes. Blue letter Bible seems to have changed them. Here's where you can find the audo on their site. I'll see how hard it would be to update the module.

    Right now the module that I have on my computer just has the PDF files. I guess I deleted the audio links when they changed the BLB site.

    Thanks for letting me know.
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  10. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    The module at the top of this thread is the latest. It does not include audio, just the PDF files.

    Andy, I understand now that you were just looking for an updated link to the JVM audio files on the Blue Letter Bible site.
  11. IamKJVonly

    IamKJVonly Member

    I am new to modules and need help installing this module.

    I am running windows 10 and put the "JVM.ss5Book" file in the sword searcher module folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\SwordSearcher\Modules) and have put the JVM-Assets in the ((C:\Users\IamKJ\Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules) folder.

    When I open my sword searcher 6.1 I get the JVM tab in the book section as It should be.

    But when I open the tab I get the following link Guidelines for the Understanding of the Scriptures and when I click on this line (Link?) I get this tooltip message. "File:///%7Bmoduleassets%7D/gidulines.pdf click to open file" Nothing happens when I click on the link.

    Also I have an outline of a rectangle where I think a picture should go with an X in the upper left hand corner of the outline.

    I have tried several different options (combinations) all to no avail.

    I'm obviously NOT following you instructions list above. I'm hoping you can tell me what I'm doing wrong as I would really like to get this book working.

    I have adobe installed because when ever I open one of the book in the JVM-assets file it opens ok.

    Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    Dave aka IamKJVonly
  12. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester


    I think you might need SS ver 7 to be able to open files using the Module Assets folder mechanism. This module was created to open it's resources that way. If you are familiar with html you could create hard links by editing the module.

    Brandon, is that true?
  13. IamKJVonly

    IamKJVonly Member

    Well I'll find out later this week. My copy of SS7 was shipped Monday.
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  14. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, the tooltip you got means the version of SwordSearcher you have installed doesn't support the module assets features.
  15. IamKJVonly

    IamKJVonly Member

    That was the problem. The I just loaded the latest version and this module now works.

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