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Discussion in 'Coffee Table' started by TerriP, Jul 31, 2013.

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    Thanks, Terri! :)
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    This is an interesting and HUGE map. It is OK to download for personal use but cannot be reposted. It would be an interesting project to create links to all the location, and have them open up the topic and verse guide or Bible references. The link file could be posted but each user would have to download the map from the site for themselves ->
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    Nice stuff you guys. Thanks!! Already shared it around ;):)
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    Bill, ditto - I went over it much as I could then had to get back to work, but
    I did review and like their "who are we" page..
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    A very interesting find by TerriP, especially the Map. Thanks.

    However I don't understand the author's notion toward the King James Version. Maybe Bill does have a say after reading 'The Certainty of the Words' by Kyle Stephens last year or perhaps Brandon . . . ?
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    You have to take the good on the site ( and throw out the rest. Here's what they say about the KJV.

    "We feel that the KJV is to be classed as one of several major standards of Bible translations including, NASB, RSV, NKJV, ASV, NIV. All these translations are equal in quality and all should be used for Bible study."
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    A very good answer . . . ;)
  10. Amen Ishaknatan I agree with you

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