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  1. Eric

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    Blystlund, I too use a Mac, and I can see how wonderful it would be to have SS on a Mac natively. But, I don't think that a one-man team (Brandon) could do both a Mac and Windows version all alone and do it so elegantly, update it so regularly and provide top-notch support. Of course, if anyone could, it would likely be Brandon, but that's a tall order for anyone.

    I just choose to run SS in VirtualBox. It's a bit of a hassle, but I don't think I could do my work for the Lord nearly as well – at least not at this point in my life – without SwordSearcher. I've tried lots of other Bible programs, and some I do use to some extent even now. But SwordSearcher is the one I feel most at home with right now. The first three things at the top of my list of "likes" when it comes to SwordSearcher are (1) extensibility, (2) extensibility, and (3) extensibility. By that I mean the fact that it is so very easy to create my own commentary modules and update them as I study and learn things, it's so easy to create Bible modules and compile with with Forge, it's so easy to create personal books (and now even graphics are well-supported). The fourth thing I like about SS is its speed. Searching a massive library (including my own modules) doesn't take long at all. Etc., etc.

    So…I sympathize. I'd love to see a Mac version, just like you would. But I love to see the Windows one, too :) Even in a virtual machine.
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  2. TonyGarland

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    Although there is no ideal solution, there are a number of ways you can run Swordsearcher under OSX:

    The top three give you the ability to run the latest full-featured version of Swordsearcher, but you'll also need to have a licensed copy of Windows to install with the product. Parallels and VMWARE fusion both cost money, but virtualbox is free for non-commercial use--and works quite well. Wine and Crossover (which is based on wine but makes it easier to use) won't support the more recent versions of Swordsearcher as I recall.
  3. Gordon H

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    I use a chrome book that allows for mouse input. Just another avenue to investigate.
  4. Stephen Heebner

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    What I would really love is for an app on my iphone to be able to search out a word, look at the Greek/Hebrew word and then see how it is translated into English everywhere in the Bible! I absolutely LOVE studying this way on the desktop version of swordsearcher and wish I could do this on my phone! Just for an example:

    Philippians 1:27 - BECOMETH (search for G516 in KJVSL) Results: 7 matches in 6 verses-

    as becometh, worthy, as it becometh, worthy, worthy, after, sort

    Please make something like this! Or, recommend an iphone app where this is possible! Thanks!

    God bless! I love the sword searcher program!
  5. ishaknatan

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    I use a mobile device Acer Iconia . . .
  6. TonyGarland

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    In regard to a mobile version of SwordSearcher, the most important single feature for my use would be the ability to have two panes, one with a bible translation of choice and the other with my own SS book (created with Forge). In other words: the ability to access my study notes with linked verse references while teaching on-the-go. I've used an iPad ever since they first came out--and haven't touched a real print bible for several years now -- even when leading bible studies and preaching from the pulpit. I access my study notes in another app (iSilo) but still have withdrawal pains living without SwordSearcher when away from my laptop.

    I've pretty much resigned myself to waiting until I like some version of tablet enough that can also run the full-version of SS. But the W8 tablet offerings haven't captured me so far and I've continued to stick with the iPad.
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  7. Biblestudent

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    I check out the Olive Tree Bible Study app because it syncs my highlights, notes, and reading plans across mobile and desktop devices; however, it makes the ESV as the default Bible when I write the references and won't allow me to set or link them to the Bible (KJV) of my choice. It also requires only Evernote to sync but I would like to use OneDrive or Dropbox.
    It would be great if there is a mobile version (e.g. Android) of Swordsearcher. Desired features include capability to create highlights, notes, and reading plans on the phone/tablet "on the go" and it can sync those with my Swordsearcher on the desktop PC or laptop. That way I can easily develop them into a full-blown lesson inside Swordsearcher back at home.
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  8. SoldOut2Him

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    I think what I miss most with the mobile study apps is the ease with which I can jump back and forth between panels and still be able to view them. Not being familiar with mobile app programming and particularly iOS (my preference), I really don't know if this is feasible beyond the two panels that I've seen. Truth is so many of the existing apps are not much more than electronic book readers. I have tried MANY bible study apps both on the PC and on mobile apps and nothing seems to compare to the simplicity and versatility of SS, even those that have tried to mimic it.

    My two cents worth. Although it would be a 'neat to have' I don't know how practical a phone app would be due to the lack of real estate. Once again, it would kind of force it into simply a reader. But (in my mind at least) I could see it being very useful on a full size tablet.

    Just wanted to tell you that you have done a fantastic job with this program for the many years I have been using it especially considering you're flying solo (at least from the earthly standpoint). Keep up the great work and may God bless you!
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    The reason a mobile synced version would be so valuable to me is: I have two extensive user commentaries that I have made up and continue to add to. When I am away and visiting or having revival meetings and just have my Bible, phone, and tablet it would be very nice. Then when I am reading I could also add to my user commentaries, or share something that I have noted by that verse in my user commentary. Right now I use e-Sword for Ipad. I then convert my user commentaries over to that format from SS and load them onto the tablet. I do this every several months so I have the "latest version" of my user commentaries from SS. It sort of a complicated process to do this though. I use MySword on my phone. Even though there is less space on a tablet or phone I find myself using them both a lot when I am on the go. I love having multiple versions of the Bible and even commentaries right with me. I still very much like the desktop version of SwordSearcher, and use it every morning in my personal devotions when I am home.
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  10. Ruthlyn

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    The only tablet device that SS can be loaded on is the surface pro... that's what I have and it's wonderful to have SS literally on the go :)
  11. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    It will work on any of the current Windows 8.1 tablets. I use it on my Asus VivoTab Note 8. As long as it's not a "Windows RT" tablet, SwordSearcher will run on it.
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  12. 5UKM

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    I have SS on an MSI Winpad 110W, running Windows7. Bought off E-Bay. It was upgraded to 8GB Ram , I upgraded memory from 64 to 256 (the price allowed me to spend the extra) .For me it works great, although I do use a Nota pen with it, which is a very fine pointed pen. A full Windows screen on 10" is a little small for my fingers, the pen works very nicely. I had never heard of MSI before, but at the E-bay price (within my budget), I took the chance & have been very happy. Maybe battery life could be better, 5 hours max! All in all tablet, pen, extra memory .. $300. God is good !
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  13. Messenger

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    I would strongly encourage you to consider a mobile app but not in the sense that most here are describing. I saw the free Youversion app which I am told has reached 100+million downloads and it is a nothing app but it is free so everyone downloads it. All it does is give the Bible and a few simple options. Whether you use an app or responsive design (I think an app would be simpler for now) the main thing is this... EXPOSURE.

    Everyone know about Youversion because of the number of downloads (There were Associated Press articles on it). I am sure you could make an app similar to the Youversion with a better look, interface and get swordsearcher exposure around the world to many who have never heard of it. The app is just a stepping stone to getting people to learn about your company and heavy duty product which will bring in a lot of sales. Then you can continue to do mini upgrades on the app all the while letting people know how much the real program can do.

    Don't try to make a killer app, just a simple, clean Bible version app with a few Bible versions, a great text search (like on the real one) and maybe a single commentary or devotional thrown in. First of all there are millions who will never buy the software because of their poverty but will get swordsearcher as a household name in their circles, town, region or country (I read an article about how smartphones are the only PC most will ever have). And there are millions who will buy it but don't know about it. (The internet and even the app stores are an ocean that no one can really survey but freebies bring in a multitude of potential buyers) Secondly, it gives you time to slowly improve the app as you allow for feedback and just do the most highly requested improvements. Thirdly, you can even run ads at the bottom for an enhanced version if you like.

    Forthly, you can work on making swordsearcher a responsive program that will prepare it for the coming superphones (the next thing after smartphones) that will be as powerful as PCs. I have already seen one that runs windows 8. fithly, you will be able to take marketshare from other vendors and influence the masses toward the Authorized version with that as the default version and other add-ons (dictionaries, king's english helps, its history, etc) that provide support it against its adversaries (don't be afraid of the Goliath software houses out there). Lastely, you will be able to glean from all of the other apps out there and forge a strategy for the future of your product including getting partners who can keep it going if you are unable to for any reason. As a longtime swordsearcher user I have hoped and waited for action on this and now want to encourage your to take the next step. I am reminded of a guideline at a major software firm "Done is better than perfect!"
  14. silva

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    hey brother i would be willing to help.
  15. Currently my favourite Bible app for both iPhone and iPad is Tecarta Bible.
    Personally I think of mobile bible apps primarily for reading, not so much for studying: which is why I love this app. It does allow you to download dictionaries and commentaries, but I'd rather spend my time looking at these on my desktop computer. Tecarta is very clean, simple, and user friendly, with a decent search function, it doesn't try to become too complicated. Highlighted verses are quickly available with one click, which has also been beneficial when door-to-door gospel preaching.

    All that to say this, I'd love to see SS Mobile use Tecarta's model but with two additional features:
    1. It's powerful search engine.
    2. Sync between devices, in particular: highlighted verses, bible reading plan progress, notes.
  16. RevTim

    RevTim Beta Tester

    I got an Android tablet for Christmas. I am currently enjoying And Bible. I would love a SS android version comparable with what you have now, but what would be most important to me is having the available resources, I could get used to a different way to package it. Could you start with the old v.3 or v.4 to develop that for And? Just as a starting point, but with more of the resources which would be easy to convert? Just a thought.
  17. RevTim

    RevTim Beta Tester

    I'm just wondering Brandon, do you feel any pressure (for lack of a better word) to develop a version for Apple mobile devices / or for Mac in general? I think you've been pretty clear in your preferences for using and working with / developing in a Windows based environment, and you've been very successful as well, while honoring God's Word... Along the same vein, do you feel pressure to try and obtain permission to include certain English "versions" which those whose fidelity is to the King James would have problems with? Just curious. Always appreciate your willingness to interact with and engage your users!
  18. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    No, because Mac users can use Parallels to run Windows software, so sidelining the Windows project for the years it would take to do something equivalent for native Mac would not be prudent.

    No. SwordSearcher is and always has been KJV-centric and I don't feel any kind of pressure or desire to add additional translations, though I am not opposed to it when there is no cost involved.
  19. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    It doesn't really work that way. A mobile project would be a completely separate development project, because the development tools and code for SwordSearcher are just not compatible with the mobile platforms. When someone says they would "like SwordSearcher on their Android tablet," I am honored, but it would be like saying you would "like your house in another state." It still has to be built there. Yes, a lot of the work is easier because you've already got the blueprints, but it's still building another house. :)
  20. dale

    dale Beta Tester

    I use MySword for my Android phone, would really like SS for it. If you want you might look at what they (MySword) has and how it works might help in designing something that works pretty easy. Has Bibles commentary and help books that are fairly easy to maneuver through.