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Discussion in 'Future' started by kjvman, Sep 18, 2013.

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    I am thinking just get a Surface Pro. They look pretty nice, light weight, plus I can also load up SwordSearcher plus all my Microsoft Excel, Word, QuickBooks Pro, etc., that's all I need. I will be heading to the Big City where there's a Microsoft store or maybe a Best Buy or some place, where I can take a look.

    Anybody else have the Surface Pro, what do you think?
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    I love too much my laptop, but I heard that Surface Pro are awesome....
    Amazon has a Surface Pro 4 i7 for $2100.00 They're some nice, with an extra $80 you get the heavy duty aluminum case. fully rugged, military specs. FULLY DROPABLE !!!!
    They are really good machine INDEEED !
  3. Ruthlyn

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    I bought the surface pro 2 a couple of years ago and I love it! Though if the Lord permits I would really like to upgrade soon, the new ones are much lighter :D
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    Ok, this is what I really want.....and need I think :). As I read the Bible everyday on SS I make notes on verses that impress me in a user module called MyCom. Then during the day I am out and about and a situation comes up in a visit with someone.....I pull out my phone or Ipad and look up a verse and so much would like to have notes and impressions that I have listed for that verse through the years. I have been doing this for 6 years. Some of the larger software companies do this like Olive Tree have your notes available on whatever app you use. I am on a 30 day trial of Logos right now because they have this available, but I really really like SS and won't be changing to one of those. I have tried quite a few Bible softwares over the years and always come back to SS. Would there be a work around for me using one of the many mobile Bible apps there are and importing the MyCom HTML? I would just need to update it every month or so out of SS so it would have my new notes. Thanks!
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  5. Brandon Staggs

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    I don't use any mobile Bible apps so I can't comment on their capabilities, but you can export your SwordSearcher user modules to HTML files from the User menu (under Advanced User Module Maintenance). You could use that HTML document anywhere.
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    Thank you Brandon, does anyone have any other idea for me?
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    Try works across all cell platforms.
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    Do you think I could import a HTML into YouVersion? Thanks!
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    Okay, this is what I bought, at Best Buy two days ago:
    1. Microsoft - Surface Book 2-in-1 13.5" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive
    2. Microsoft Office 365 Personal
    3. Webroot SecureAnywhere IS
    So all I want to know is, can I purchase then download the latest SwordSearcher and install that on this new Surface Book...? Or should I buy an external CD/DVD drive and buy the SS cd instead? Or should or can I do both?

    I don't even have it out of the box yet so if I can't download or install from external drive I am taking it back. The young person at Best Buy said I could DL my QBPro from online and use it in the Surface Book so I'm thinking SS would be okay, too...?

    It's the only opportunity I had to go ahead and get a laptop/notebook that I've wanted for years. We live far, far away from any mall or Best Buy or anything like that, well, 3 hours drive, and me and driving do not mix. I did find out from my daughter, though, that when you go to MapQuest you have the option to check "avoid highways" so the drive back was awesome. (I have a flip-phone but I love it, so no apps with a talking lady available). I imagine I could get a driving app on this Surface Book, though, right?

    The most important part is the SwordSearcher, so Brandon, what do you think, did I do okay?

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  10. Brandon Staggs

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    You can copy the contents of your SwordSearcher DVD to a memory stick, then run the installation from the memory stick on your Surface Book (a GREAT device). You do NOT need to make an additional purchase and if you have any trouble I will make sure you get it all going -- just email me at
  11. TerriP

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    Dear Brandon! Thank you so much, I feel so much better! So now it comes out of the box and I'm all set. Thank you as always for your support.

    I logged in and checked for a reply from you just about the same time you posted it, but I was on the phone with my daughter (we were happy for me with your reply!) but then we got sidetracked so I didn't reply to your answer right away. Seriously, this is a huge relief!

    Thanks again, Brandon - I will email if I have a situation re the setup, for sure :)

    Terri P.
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    GOOD FOR YOU....I hope you will enjoy it at its MAX....They are very nice machines....!
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    Blessed am I, indeed, Johnny NL, Blessed Blessed Blessed - isn't it amazing (a huge understatement) how many times a day you can say thank You, Lord, thank You, thank You, thank You, I mean from your heart to be so very grateful... and still, does it cover it all, or even a little microscopic bit of all that He blessed us with...?

    I see a little tiny bright yellow buttercup and I say, Hello, Father - makes you want to cry, all He does for me, for us.

    Anyway, “by the word of [my] testimony” thank You, Lord, for my super cool new laptop!
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  15. Christopher

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    Brandon said, "If you want the full version of SwordSearcher on a mobile device your only option (now or ever) is a Windows 8 Tablet PC (running the full Windows 8, not Windows RT)"
    This is true and what I have done. I am a missionary and travel allot teaching and preaching. The phone is too small for me and there are plenty of Bible apps for phones if you want to read the Bible. I do have an Ipad with a decent Bible program on it. I wanted the full SwordSearches experience but mobile so I bought a Nextbook 10.1 from Walmart for $180.00. Installed SwordSearchers and Alexander Scourby (so I can listen to the Bible) and it and works great on my Windows 10 tablet. I have Office 365 on both computers with Onedrive for all my notes, so no problem getting my notes synced between the two. With Onedrive I can get my notes on my phone also. I think this would be cheaper than trying to build a mobile SwordSearchers app that would be limited. Just my 2 cents worth of not much! ;)

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    FYI... just saw Walmart has the Nextbook for $99.00 :( I should have waited. Surface Pro is nice but cannot afford one. The keyboard on the Nextbook is not great but works, it is made to use touch screen. I use a wireless mouse which works great. I bought my daughters these for Bible college and they work great.
  17. Christopher

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    Oops! mine is the 11 :0
  18. (A help to me today would be just the same Bible text as SwordSearcher in a Kindle version)

    Some thoughts that come to my mind:

    1. Bible text that is the same as used in SwordSearcher! (others use inferior text)
    • Including Websters 1828/1913 dictionary which is not available usually!
    2. Inline links similar or exactly like (or different colored or different font words) TSK-KJV. That link to TSK, and or Naves, Chain, Torry ... Scripture references, dictionary.
    3. Access /sync to user books from SwordSearcher? (maybe as part of paid sub service)

    4. E-Ink platform!
    • easy on eyes to read for hours (my eyes get so sore, bloodshot and headaches from led)
    • uses less power = lower EMF & NO SAR & not cancer promoting (I get swollen hands and hives even from wireless mice, and e-ink readers with wifi off do not cause this to happen to me) devices last weeks without recharge!
    5. SSSS SwordSearcher SubscriptionService
    • retains backup of notes, license, books, highlights, syncs locations from study across devices. Allows for sync to local network devices so local computers and devices can be used for display purposes such as might be useful for power point like sermons or sermon notes, or read along/sing along display.
    • Price? Well... even the OED cost $300 per year. Good personal email service is $50 per year. Decent VPN service is $60-$100. Traveling study/preaching Bible you can carry in one pocket, read in broad daylight with no glare, and see in the dark knowing everything is backed up and safe if you lose it, break it, or an angry mob grabs it out of your hand and smashes it or steals it along the way?! .. AND paying for it's use is supporting the Gospel being spread... and its a Godly gifted enterprise probably even useful to missionaries in others countries with language support ... Well... I think even "missions" groups should incorporate funding it. As for me. $250 per year seems like a fair start, depending on bandwidth usage and availability of open source supporting software; and dependable storage space needs.
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  19. Tim Smith

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    A quick searching version keyed to word, phrase by version so you would get book/verse by version. This then means all the standard versions KJV, KJVSL, Majority version greek text, Septuagint greek text Ralf's version all keyed to Strong's so you could ever search by strong's number and pull up Old and New testament verses, Hebrew text of Old Testament, Spanish, French, 4 -5 bible dictionaries, and the cost version addons - AMP, ESV, 4 lexicons, Ralf's Septuagint version keyed to Strong's; an android journal application, Nave's topical bible. My use would be toward the Bible itself, quickly finding topics and verses. Doing anything more will likely distract from who and where I am at. I don't like yearly subscription plans - they are all built for the company offering the plan and not for the user - witness the 99.00 per year statement. I would be willing to pay $50 for the above plus the cost addons which would be another $50.
  20. Brandon Staggs

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    $99 per year is $8.25 per month. That's not very much for an important "daily driver" tool. I agree that prices are built for the companies offering services. It's like that everywhere in every market. All companies have to find a way to balance perceived value with the need to keep the lights on. Keep in mind, that was a question about providing cross-platform (desktop and mobile) synchronization study features that would have ongoing back-end server requirements, etc.
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