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    If e-Sword (freeware) can offer unlockable copyrighted versions of the Bible, SwordSearcher should be able to as well. Please do not omit these versions simply because unlocked versions of the text cannot be distributed with SwordSearcher. I love your software... but you are missing some of my favorite versions. e-Sword unlockable versions include:

    Versions provided by The Lockman Foundation
    Amplified Bible
    New American Standard Bible Study Set

    Versions provided by eStudySource:
    Complete Jewish Bible
    Holman Christian Standard Bible
    NIV Family Bundle
    New King James Version
    New Living Translation
    New Revised Standard Version
    Revised Standard Version
  2. Brandon Staggs

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    It's actually not that simple. The people who own the texts must make it available or be willing to license it.

    The following are already available for SwordSearcher from their text owners:

    New American Standard Bible
    New English Translation

    There is nothing stopping other companies from doing this -- perhaps if you contact the owners of the texts you want and express your interest in SwordSearcher editions of their texts, they would be willing to make it available.
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    Sorry.................I would not agree. Not a fan of the so-called modern, more up to date translations.
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    I would have to second that opinion. I think these are better left to the third party developers if they see value in adding their works to SwordSearcher.
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    Yea, and amen
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    I add my "Amen and Amen" to that brother!

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    I know this thread is years old but I would also like to add my amen.
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    I know this is old thread too, but in case someone stumbles on it like I did, I have two points to contribute:
    1. Just because certain of us know that other books are not God's Word, in order to be educated on this fact and prepared to give an answer, it is nice to have a module to use to compare for witnessing purposes.
    2. I understand it is up to the copyright owners of the other books to make their books available. With that in mind, #1 above could surely could be why they don't. :)
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    Is there "other" version of the "ONLY" true version of the KING JAMES 1611....? (sarcasm)
    ONLY the true KING JAMES BIBLE, is the true Word Of God !!!!
    Didn't we had that conversation somewhere in the past !?!?!?!!?
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    Touchy subject for some, but to me, it is all clear as spring water.
    WHY would I read the Word Of God with missing verses, and wrongly written.??????????
    Sorry, this subject touches me .... A LOT !
    KING JAMES 1611 IS THE ONLY TRUE WORD OF GOD.... There I said it !
    (unless, I didn't understand that topic....then, sorry. :confused:)
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    Praise God!
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    Period !
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