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    If e-Sword (freeware) can offer unlockable copyrighted versions of the Bible, SwordSearcher should be able to as well. Please do not omit these versions simply because unlocked versions of the text cannot be distributed with SwordSearcher. I love your software... but you are missing some of my favorite versions. e-Sword unlockable versions include:

    Versions provided by The Lockman Foundation
    Amplified Bible
    New American Standard Bible Study Set

    Versions provided by eStudySource:
    Complete Jewish Bible
    Holman Christian Standard Bible
    NIV Family Bundle
    New King James Version
    New Living Translation
    New Revised Standard Version
    Revised Standard Version
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    It's actually not that simple. The people who own the texts must make it available or be willing to license it.

    The following are already available for SwordSearcher from their text owners:

    New American Standard Bible
    New English Translation

    There is nothing stopping other companies from doing this -- perhaps if you contact the owners of the texts you want and express your interest in SwordSearcher editions of their texts, they would be willing to make it available.
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    Sorry.................I would not agree. Not a fan of the so-called modern, more up to date translations.
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    I would have to second that opinion. I think these are better left to the third party developers if they see value in adding their works to SwordSearcher.
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    Yea, and amen
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    I add my "Amen and Amen" to that brother!

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    I know this thread is years old but I would also like to add my amen.
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    I know this is old thread too, but in case someone stumbles on it like I did, I have two points to contribute:
    1. Just because certain of us know that other books are not God's Word, in order to be educated on this fact and prepared to give an answer, it is nice to have a module to use to compare for witnessing purposes.
    2. I understand it is up to the copyright owners of the other books to make their books available. With that in mind, #1 above could surely could be why they don't. :)
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    Is there "other" version of the "ONLY" true version of the KING JAMES 1611....? (sarcasm)
    ONLY the true KING JAMES BIBLE, is the true Word Of God !!!!
    Didn't we had that conversation somewhere in the past !?!?!?!!?
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    Touchy subject for some, but to me, it is all clear as spring water.
    WHY would I read the Word Of God with missing verses, and wrongly written.??????????
    Sorry, this subject touches me .... A LOT !
    KING JAMES 1611 IS THE ONLY TRUE WORD OF GOD.... There I said it !
    (unless, I didn't understand that topic....then, sorry. :confused:)
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    Praise God!
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    Period !
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    I agree on the King James version. However, I like to listen to Scourby read the KJV and follow along in another version. Sometimes you can perhaps get a thought or an understanding by this means that you might otherwise overlook.

    By the way, I downloaded the NET bible and have been bringing it into Sword Searcher. I suspect it will be for personal use only and I would be very hesitant to share it. Although it was downloadable, the notes sounded to me like it is not something to share. I did away with all the notes and the only thing I am using other than the text is the italic parts explaining a chapter or some verses.

    Has anyone else ever used Forge or some method to do a bible version? It is an entirely new ball game and I have made a lot of mistakes and had to go back and correct them. Tedious stuff IMO.

    Does anyone know how you can edit one of these in SS? There is no edit button or icon for that. I have not discovered how and have had to resort to going back in MS Word to make corrections.

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    I started a conversation. Check your alerts in the top right corner of the forum or it may show in the input at the top.
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    If I am reading your comment correctly, did you really say that you would like to read other versions that are NOT God's Word etc., is that correct? I am kind of flabbergasted at this statement, which is why I hope I am reading it wrong. "In order to be educated..." Look, and I say this with all kindness, I do not mean to be unkind, but well, how far do you want to go, do you read the Koran so that you know how to witness to a Muslim? Do you read books on satanism or black magic or whatever the devil worshippers use, I don't know and I don't want to know, but do you read those books so you know how to witness to one of them? I certainly hope not. Surely not! But if you - I mean anyone - wants to pick up any version of the Bible that is NOT God's Word (now that's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one) well, I mean why? So did He not specifically tell us in Revelation chapter 22 "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."

    And no, you do NOT get better understanding from any man-made translation - what, because it's easier to read? Good night, Irene. Get a good KJV study Bible, pull up your SwordSearcher for Strong's Greek and Hebrew meanings of words, read the commentaries in SS, get some of your own books and commentaries like Zodhiates or Kenneth Wuest or Smith.

    I'll tell you what, too, if you want a quick look-see at the KJV Bible as compared to "modern" translations, take a look at, highly recommended website, not just by me. Just a bitty quote here from AV1611 front page, if I may: "Most Christians are unaware that there exists a significant difference between the KJV and Bible versions published in the last 100 years—a difference of doctrine and authority, not one of mere dialect. They are told that the KJV is antiquated, hard to understand, and inaccurate... "The King James Bible Page aims to set the record straight: the KJV is God's word in English, and is the result of God's providential work of preservation throughout history. Modern versions of the Bible, on the other hand, are translations of manuscripts that have been transmitted in a secular form throughout history, tainted by liberal, un-believing scholarship as early as the days Paul began penning Holy Scripture under the inspiration of God."

    Check it out, the comparison has already been done for you, plus AV1611 it has many other Bible study resources, KJV dictionary, etc. So you see, we do not need and I am sure that most SwordSearcher members to not want to incorporate within our SwordSearcher software program any Bible "translations" other than those which have already been inspired by the Lord to be included.

    It is going to take me the rest of my life here on earth and then some, to read the Word and try to get as much knowledge and understanding of His Word - and then just when I think I learn something from one little Scripture, I read it again and it multiplies and I learn something new each time I read it. I mean where would one get the time to go off and read some other book that is, to quote brother Terrpn above, a perversion of what God originally wrote, what He wanted us to know? What an insult to our Creator, our Protector, our Shield and Buckler, our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, after all He has done for us at the Cross.

    Listen, you want to be a good witness, don't waiver. DO get as full of His Word as you possibly can and I don't mean just in your spare time. You want to be a witness, the Truth is what they need to hear. They don't need entertainment, they don't need "easy," they need the Truth, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday AND today AND forever. They need joy, which is our strength. They need to know how much He loves them! You don't need to debate or discuss, you just need the Truth. Like a dear sister told me the other day, you are the only Jesus many people will see, I would say most, depends where you are, I suppose... You need to be a light.

    Look, I know better than anyone that I am in the process of sanctification, I am NOT "there" yet, not even close, and I won't be until I go home to be with Jesus - even then I will be learning, I know it. But I am saved, I am redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, for which I am ever, wholeheartedly, and hopefully humbly grateful, fully aware that I don't deserve it. But if there is one thing I have learned in these past few years it is certainly that I don't want farce, I don't want fake, I don't even want anyone's opinion, I don't want the world's version of who they "think" God is; I just want to know what He says, I yearn for it, I am hungry for it, and I won't quit. God give me spiritual discernment, don't ever let me go off in any direction other than where you want me to be, Amen.

    Now I know some people will get offended at this but oh, well. And I do apologize if I misunderstood your comment.
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    Amen to this......
    and by the way, it does NOT offend me.:D... I could have NOT said it better TerriP
    There is N O T H I N G, besides the WORD OF GOD...... all the rest comes from evil.
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    “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;” 2 Timothy 4:3
    AMEN to The ONLY WORD OF GOD !!!!!

    (why would you feed your children from a garbage container, instead of giving them the TRUE BREAD OF LIFE?)
    ---- if my comment is TOO strong, please let me know, I shall remove it....but I know from John 14:29, "it come to pass"----
    This is it, front row, WE ARE watching the last days, ....

    Luke 10: 23/24 And he turned him unto his disciples, and said privately, Blessed are the eyes which see the things that ye see: For I tell you, that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them. (Ooops !!!! RED letters, Jesus said it !?!?!?)o_O
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    [QUOTE="... get some of your own books and commentaries like Zodhiates or Kenneth Wuest or Smith..[/QUOTE]

    Correction! (I think!) I don't remember why I wrote "Smith"... It was certainly not in reference to William Smith, i.e., founder of Mormonism. When re-reading my original post after Johnny NL replied (thank you, Johnny) I wondered, "Smith?" so I looked everywhere on my bookshelves for a book or commentary of some sort, author "Smith," but I may have read it as a reference or quotation of Smith's (again, not William) in another writing, probably looking the name up at that time. That was careless of me, though, to include it above and I apologize. If/when I run across it again I'll post another reply here - or does anyone know who I was talking about?!! Okay, substitute Williams (George) for Smith, then; there's a good one.
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    I agree with you in the statement that we are not to add to or subtract from the things in the bible. However, the King James version is not the original manuscript in which the books of the bible were written. I think we notice as we go through the KJV that the translators had places where they did not all agree and choose the same words and/or thoughts in various places. Often the original Greek was not easily or even possible (to my understanding) to translate literally into English - and from what I have thought I have observed in the Hebrew, words there are so varied in translation possibilities (but I have not ever even tried to understand Hebrew transliterations (if I got the right word).

    Do we remember the man riding in the chariot and he did not understand a text and the text was explained to him after he said that how could he unless some man guide him? (Acts 8:31) I would think that this man of Ethopia understood what he read (not in KJV) much better than anything any of us could ever understand reading from Isaiah in Hebrew or Aramic (whichever it was). So we need help in our understanding today of what we read that was translated over 400 years ago in old English (which I figure is like some of the old stuff we see in other writings with the strange looking "f" for "s" - some of that stuff is hard to read and can be very difficult in places when you are using Dragon to type it into our today's English.

    These are the reasons (though I trust the KJV to more accurately not add to or subtract from the originals, change genders, leave out things the newer versions don't want to keep, etc.) that I like to compare some newer version(s) to try to get some ideas as to what might be the meaning behind some portion of the scripture that I find difficult to understand. I know it is somewhat risky but like the Ethopian Eunuch, I must have some man to guide me and especially hoping that the Lord will open my understanding as Christ did in Luke 24:45 "Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,"


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