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    Nice! I tried to copy & paste to a blank Word doc, didn't work, then tried Paint, same thing.

    I should ask first if that's okay with you, is it? Anyhoo how would I do it, I would like to print
    it up.

    Thanks, Bill :)
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    Sure. Use it as you see fit. You can right click on the image and "save image as".
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    Here's an improved search criteria for anyone interested. It also shows off the search capability of SwordSearcher. Paste it into the search box.

    (music* | (instrum* & (music* | s?ng*)) | hymn* | s?ng*) ! (singed | single* | singular)

    The search could be made in the KJVm module to eliminate the "prescripts" in the Psalms containing chief musician, etc. or you could add to the list of words to eliminate like this:
    (music* | (instrum* & (music* | s?ng*)) | hymn* | s?ng*) ! (singed | single* | singular| chief | musician | psalm )

    You can make your own word cloud right in SwordSearcher by clicking the cloud icon in the search result window.
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    Somehow my clouds in SS don't come up looking like yours. Mine are very plain, with the words all facing up and no colors. What am I doing wrong?
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    I took the resulting verses and pasted them into an editor. I removed the verse references, keeping just the text. Then I pasted the text into the website at to create the word cloud. Then I used the Microsoft snipping tool to capture the cloud.

    You need to have java plugin enabled in your browser to use that site. Set the security level in Java control panel to the highest level. You can also disable the Java plugin when you are done.
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    Thanks, Bill!
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    Really nice Bill :)
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    Okay, I got it, I mean I "saved picture as" and it did, so I inserted into a blank Word doc
    and printer 'er up and it's perfect! Plus I have the right size frame for it, too..

    Thanks, Bill :)