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    I've been playing with MS Narrator to listen to some of Spurgeon's sermons. It works pretty well, and the Microsoft David voice is fairly easy listening. Controlling the location of the reading is a chore unless you want to listen straight through. I wonder if a toolbar icon or keystroke that would allow you to start reading at the top of a window could be possible in a future update? Also a way to pause and start again without losing the place would be useful.

    For some reason I can't get the ctrl-win-enter key combination to start the narrator since the Windows Fall Creators Update. It doesn't seem to do anything. I was able to program a keystroke with AutoHotKey to execute "run narrator". Then I can read paragraphs using the CapsLock-spacebar to switch modes so the arrow keys can move from paragraph to paragraph.

    It's pretty awkward, especially if you want to start reading at a specific location by clicking the mouse.
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    I've got text-to-speech on my to-do list for a future feature. I've actually looked into this a few times. Personally I find computerized voices to be very distracting, so I guess my interest in the feature has been muted a bit simply because of that. But, it is something that could be supported eventually.
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    I like it for things like chsSermons where there are long paragraphs. It paces nicely and keeps the mind from wandering :) Thanks for the reply.
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