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    I saw a book by Dr. Sam Gipp where he went through the Bible ten times looking for all the verses having only one syllable words. You can view a portion of it here:

    It seems like an interesting idea. Here are some that I found by using a short program. It's interesting to see how many there are, and how much meaning is conveyed in such simple terms. The KJV is simpler to read that all the modern Bibles.

    This is an incomplete list, but it's still interesting. It's incomplete because English has some difficult rules and exceptions for syllabication. Also should proper names be exceptions, and what about the Old English endings like in sayest. Should those be additional syllables? Here's my list so far.

    Ge 1.3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

    Ge 6.8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

    Ge 8.16 Go forth of the ark, thou, and thy wife, and thy sons, and thy sons' wives with thee.

    Ge 8.18 And Noah went forth, and his sons, and his wife, and his sons' wives with him:

    Ge 26.30 And he made them a feast, and they did eat and drink.

    Ge 38.17 And he said, I will send thee a kid from the flock. And she said, Wilt thou give me a pledge, till thou send it?

    Ge 49.12 His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.

    Ex 4.13 And he said, O my Lord, send, I pray thee, by the hand of him whom thou wilt send.

    Ex 4.24 And it came to pass by the way in the inn, that the LORD met him, and sought to kill him.

    Ex 14.14 The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

    Ex 15.3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.

    Ex 20.13 Thou shalt not kill.

    Ex 20.15 Thou shalt not steal.

    Ex 21.24 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,

    Ex 33.20 And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.

    Ex 40.14 And thou shalt bring his sons, and clothe them with coats:

    Nu 6.24 The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:

    Nu 31.11 And they took all the spoil, and all the prey, both of men and of beasts.

    De 3.22 Ye shall not fear them: for the LORD your God he shall fight for you.

    De 4.29 But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.

    De 5.17 Thou shalt not kill.

    De 6.5 And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

    De 6.13 Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God, and serve him, and shalt swear by his name.

    De 10.20 Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God; him shalt thou serve, and to him shalt thou cleave, and swear by his name.

    De 11.7 But your eyes have seen all the great acts of the LORD which he did.

    De 14.4 These are the beasts which ye shall eat: the ox, the sheep, and the goat,

    De 14.11 Of all clean birds ye shall eat.

    De 14.16 The little owl, and the great owl, and the swan,

    De 14.20 But of all clean fowls ye may eat.

    De 21.12 Then thou shalt bring her home to thine house; and she shall shave her head, and pare her nails;

    De 24.12 And if the man be poor, thou shalt not sleep with his pledge:

    De 28.34 So that thou shalt be mad for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see.

    De 28.44 He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail.

    1Sa 6.10 And the men did so; and took two milch kine, and tied them to the cart, and shut up their calves at home:

    2Sa 22.32 For who is God, save the LORD? and who is a rock, save our God?

    2Ki 22.11 And it came to pass, when the king had heard the words of the book of the law, that he rent his clothes.

    2Ch 34.19 And it came to pass, when the king had heard the words of the law, that he rent his clothes.

    Job 1.11 But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face.

    Job 2.5 But put forth thine hand now, and touch his bone and his flesh, and he will curse thee to thy face.

    Job 3.2 And Job spake, and said,

    Job 6.12 Is my strength the strength of stones? or is my flesh of brass?

    Job 8.2 How long wilt thou speak these things? and how long shall the words of thy mouth be like a strong wind?

    Job 9.2 I know it is so of a truth: but how should man be just with God?

    Job 9.35 Then would I speak, and not fear him; but it is not so with me.

    Job 10.4 Hast thou eyes of flesh? or seest thou as man seeth?

    Job 10.5 Are thy days as the days of man? are thy years as man's days,

    Job 10.13 And these things hast thou hid in thine heart: I know that this is with thee.

    Job 11.12 For vain man would be wise, though man be born like a wild ass's colt.

    Job 12.7 But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:

    Job 12.11 Doth not the ear try words? and the mouth taste his meat?

    Job 14.8 Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground;

    Job 17.15 And where is now my hope? as for my hope, who shall see it?

    Job 18.10 The snare is laid for him in the ground, and a trap for him in the way.

    Job 19.2 How long will ye vex my soul, and break me in pieces with words?

    Job 20.11 His bones are full of the sin of his youth, which shall lie down with him in the dust.

    Job 22.13 And thou sayest, How doth God know? can he judge through the dark cloud?

    Job 25.6 How much less man, that is a worm? and the son of man, which is a worm?

    Job 27.23 Men shall clap their hands at him, and shall hiss him out of his place.

    Job 28.14 The depth saith, It is not in me: and the sea saith, It is not with me.

    Job 29.15 I was eyes to the blind, and feet was I to the lame.

    Job 31.4 Doth not he see my ways, and count all my steps?

    Ps 18.1 I will love thee, O LORD, my strength.

    Ps 18.31 For who is God save the LORD? or who is a rock save our God?

    Ps 20.9 Save, LORD: let the king hear us when we call.

    Ps 22.19 But be not thou far from me, O LORD: O my strength, haste thee to help me.

    Ps 25.4 Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths.

    Ps 33.4 For the word of the LORD is right; and all his works are done in truth.

    Ps 34.9 O fear the LORD, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him.

    Ps 37.31 The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.

    Ps 38.15 For in thee, O LORD, do I hope: thou wilt hear, O Lord my God.

    Ps 39.7 And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee.

    Ps 50.13 Will I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats?

    Ps 54.1 Save me, O God, by thy name, and judge me by thy strength.

    Ps 56.10 In God will I praise his word: in the LORD will I praise his word.

    Ps 63.4 Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name.

    Ps 66.8 O bless our God, ye people, and make the voice of his praise to be heard:

    Ps 67.7 God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear him.

    Ps 71.5 For thou art my hope, O Lord GOD: thou art my trust from my youth.

    Ps 71.12 O God, be not far from me: O my God, make haste for my help.

    Ps 73.4 For there are no bands in their death: but their strength is firm.

    Ps 75.5 Lift not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck.

    Ps 82.7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

    Ps 83.16 Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek thy name, O LORD.

    Ps 102.27 But thou art the same, and thy years shall have no end.

    Ps 104.17 Where the birds make their nests: as for the stork, the fir trees are her house.

    Ps 108.11 Wilt not thou, O God, who hast cast us off? and wilt not thou, O God, go forth with our hosts?

    Ps 109.1 Hold not thy peace, O God of my praise;

    Ps 109.27 That they may know that this is thy hand; that thou, LORD, hast done it.

    Ps 110.5 The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through kings in the day of his wrath.

    Ps 115.5 They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not:

    Ps 115.6 They have ears, but they hear not: noses have they, but they smell not:

    Ps 115.11 Ye that fear the LORD, trust in the LORD: he is their help and their shield.

    Ps 115.13 He will bless them that fear the LORD, both small and great.

    Ps 119.126 It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law.

    Ps 120.7 I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.

    Ps 121.6 The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.

    Ps 126.5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

    Ps 130.5 I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.

    Ps 135.2 Ye that stand in the house of the LORD, in the courts of the house of our God,

    Ps 135.16 They have mouths, but they speak not; eyes have they, but they see not;

    Ps 137.4 How shall we sing the LORD'S song in a strange land?

    Ps 138.4 All the kings of the earth shall praise thee, O LORD, when they hear the words of thy mouth.

    Ps 139.23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

    Ps 145.10 All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee.

    Ps 146.1 Praise ye the LORD. Praise the LORD, O my soul.

    Ps 146.3 Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

    Ps 148.3 Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light.

    Pr 3.2 For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.

    Pr 5.5 Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell.

    Pr 20.9 Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin?

    Pr 22.25 Lest thou learn his ways, and get a snare to thy soul.

    Pr 23.19 Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way.

    Pr 31.2 What, my son? and what, the son of my womb? and what, the son of my vows?

    Pr 31.31 Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

    Ec 3.3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

    Ec 3.4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

    Ec 3.8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

    Ec 10.2 A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left.

    So 4.7 Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee.

    So 7.3 Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins.

    Isa 11.1 And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots:

    Isa 14.15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

    Isa 27.5 Or let him take hold of my strength, that he may make peace with me; and he shall make peace with me.

    Isa 42.2 He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street.

    Isa 42.18 Hear, ye deaf; and look, ye blind, that ye may see.

    Isa 57.19 I create the fruit of the lips; Peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the LORD; and I will heal him.

    Isa 66.9 Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.

    Jer 22.29 O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the LORD.

    Jer 29.13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

    Jer 30.22 And ye shall be my people, and I will be your God.

    Jer 32.38 And they shall be my people, and I will be their God:

    La 3.6 He hath set me in dark places, as they that be dead of old.

    La 3.27 It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth.

    La 3.59 O LORD, thou hast seen my wrong: judge thou my cause.

    La 5.17 For this our heart is faint; for these things our eyes are dim.

    Eze 6.7 And the slain shall fall in the midst of you, and ye shall know that I am the LORD.

    Eze 26.13 And I will cause the noise of thy songs to cease; and the sound of thy harps shall be no more heard.

    Eze 28.8 They shall bring thee down to the pit, and thou shalt die the deaths of them that are slain in the midst of the seas.

    Eze 34.3 Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.

    Eze 34.15 I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord GOD.

    Eze 46.10 And the prince in the midst of them, when they go in, shall go in; and when they go forth, shall go forth.

    Da 12.13 But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

    Zec 14.6 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the light shall not be clear, nor dark:

    Mt 5.38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:

    Mt 6.3 But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:

    Mt 7.9 Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?

    Mt 10.34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    Mt 11.15 He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

    Mt 13.9 Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

    Mt 13.46 Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

    Mt 18.11 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.

    Mt 25.33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

    Mr 5.28 For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.

    Mr 9.44 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.

    Mr 9.46 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.

    Mr 9.48 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.

    Mr 10.8 And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.

    Mr 13.17 But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

    Mr 13.33 Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.

    Mr 14.46 And they laid their hands on him, and took him.

    Lu 6.46 And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?

    Lu 9.15 And they did so, and made them all sit down.

    Lu 18.21 And he said, All these have I kept from my youth up.

    Lu 19.10 For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.

    Lu 19.34 And they said, The Lord hath need of him.

    Lu 19.36 And as he went, they spread their clothes in the way.

    Lu 20.7 And they answered, that they could not tell whence it was.

    Lu 21.35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

    Lu 23.31 For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?

    Joh 1.4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

    Joh 1.6 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

    Joh 1.10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

    Joh 1.13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

    Joh 5.40 And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.

    Joh 5.42 But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you.

    Joh 6.48 I am that bread of life.

    Joh 7.11 Then the Jews sought him at the feast, and said, Where is he?

    Joh 7.29 But I know him: for I am from him, and he hath sent me.

    Joh 8.32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    Joh 9.5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

    Joh 12.45 And he that seeth me seeth him that sent me.

    Joh 19.3 And said, Hail, King of the Jews! and they smote him with their hands.

    Ac 7.1 Then said the high priest, Are these things so?

    Ac 7.50 Hath not my hand made all these things?

    Ac 7.54 When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth.

    Ro 3.15 Their feet are swift to shed blood:

    Ro 3.17 And the way of peace have they not known:

    Ro 6.7 For he that is dead is freed from sin.

    1Co 3.23 And ye are Christ's; and Christ is God's.

    1Co 10.15 I speak as to wise men; judge ye what I say.

    1Co 14.18 I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all:

    1Co 15.56 The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.

    1Co 16.13 Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.

    2Co 5.7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

    Ga 3.12 And the law is not of faith: but, The man that doeth them shall live in them.

    Eph 6.3 That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

    Php 1.21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

    Col 3.3 For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

    1Th 3.8 For now we live, if ye stand fast in the Lord.

    1Th 5.21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

    1Ti 3.5 (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)

    Ja 4.15 For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.

    1Jo 5.12 He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

    Re 1.14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

    Re 21.13 On the east three gates; on the north three gates; on the south three gates; and on the west three gates.

    Re 21.25 And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.
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    You have the most amazing searches, Bill! Thanks for sharing - that's the only way I'd see these interesting things.
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    Here's an updated list of verses. You could create a user book called 1SYL or something and paste them into a topic. Then a link would show up in the Bible margin on 1 syllable verses.

    Ge 1:3; Ge 6:8; Ge 8:16,18; Ge 26:30; Ge 38:17; Ge 49:12; Ex 4:13,24; Ex 14:14; Ex 15:3; Ex 20:13,15; Ex 21:24; Ex 33:20; Ex 40:14; Nu 6:24; Nu 31:11; De 3:22; De 4:29; De 5:17; De 6:5,13; De 10:20; De 11:7; De 14:4,11,20; De 21:12; De 24:12; De 28:34,44; 1Sa 6:10; 2Sa 22:32; 2Ki 22:11; 2Ch 34:19; Job 1:11; Job 2:5; Job 3:2; Job 6:12; Job 8:2; Job 9:2,35; Job 10:5,13; Job 11:12; Job 12:7,11; Job 17:15; Job 18:10; Job 20:11; Job 25:6; Job 27:23; Job 28:14; Job 29:15; Job 31:4; Ps 18:1,31; Ps 20:9; Ps 22:19; Ps 25:4; Ps 33:4; Ps 34:9; Ps 37:31; Ps 38:15; Ps 39:7; Ps 50:13; Ps 54:1; Ps 56:10; Ps 63:4; Ps 67:7; Ps 71:5,12; Ps 73:4; Ps 75:5; Ps 102:27; Ps 104:17; Ps 108:11; Ps 109:1,27; Ps 110:5; Ps 115:5,11,13; Ps 119:126; Ps 120:7; Ps 121:6; Ps 126:5; Ps 130:5; Ps 135:2,16; Ps 137:4; Ps 138:4; Ps 139:23; Ps 145:10; Ps 146:1; Ps 148:3; Pr 3:2; Pr 5:5; Pr 20:9; Pr 22:25; Pr 23:19; Pr 31:2,31; Ec 3:3-4,8; Ec 10:2; Song 4:7; Song 7:3; Isa 11:1; Isa 14:15; Isa 27:5; Isa 42:2,18; Isa 66:9; Jer 22:29; Jer 29:13; La 3:27,59; La 5:17; Eze 6:7; Eze 26:13; Eze 28:8; Eze 34:3,15; Eze 46:10; Da 12:13; Zec 14:6; Mt 5:38; Mt 7:9; Mt 10:34; Mt 11:15; Mt 13:9,46; Mt 18:11; Mt 25:33; Mr 5:28; Mr 10:8; Mr 13:17,33; Mr 14:46; Lu 6:46; Lu 9:15; Lu 18:21; Lu 19:10,34,36; Lu 21:35; Lu 23:31; Joh 1:4,6,10,13; Joh 5:40,42; Joh 6:48; Joh 7:11,29; Joh 8:32; Joh 9:5; Joh 19:3; Ac 7:1,50,54; Ro 3:15,17; Ro 6:7; 1Co 3:23; 1Co 10:15; 1Co 14:18; 1Co 15:56; 1Co 16:13; 2Co 5:7; Php 1:21; Col 3:3; 1Th 3:8; 1Th 5:21; 1Ti 3:5; Jas 4:15; 1Jo 5:12; Re 1:14; Re 21:13,25
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    Here's a user book of 1 syllable verses for download:

    Try this if you have the Scourby Audio integrated in Swordsearcher. Open the 1-SYL book, right click in the list of verses and select "load all referenced verses". In the resulting verse list, click the play widget next to Ge 1.3. Then sit back a relax for about 15 minutes and you will have heard all 184 one syllable verses.

    I was amazed at the lessons and doctrine taught from these simple verses.
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    Got it. Thanks, Bill! :)
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    Nice work, thank you Bill.
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    Thanks Bill.
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    At some point and I never noticed when, I lost the "play" widget, and I can not seem to turn it back on, even re configure audio bible.
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    In File, Configure Bible Audio, does it say "Your audio files support verse-level synchronization and playback?" The play widget will only work if it does.
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    It says Your audio files support verse-level synchronization and playback are not supported with these files.

    They are Scourby's and located in C:\Users\Gord\Music\iTunes\Alexander Scourby\Holy Bible KJV
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    Probably off-topic for the thread now. :) Send me an email at and include a screen shot of that window-- it shouldn't be possible for both of those to be true at the same time. Probably a registry setting went bad.
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    Terima Kasih Bill
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    I never realized that the often quoted Philippians 1:21 is a one-syllable verse.
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    Wow... interesting, but it seems I missed the download :oops:
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    Way cool! Listening to them right now. Thanks Bill, God bless.
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    Thank you! I've made a copy for my 7-yr. old, and he was happy to start in on the verses!
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