People Christ referred to by name

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    I wanted to find all the people that Christ referred to by name from the Old Testament. I couldn't think of a good way to search for this. After finding a few people I decided to find all people that Jesus referred to by name.
    Here's the list I came up with by scrolling through all the red letter verses that have a capital letter in them. It turns out that all 2031 red letter verses have a capital letter. :)

    Can anyone think of someone that I missed? These are real people that Jesus authenticated by naming and referring to them.

    Daniel, Elias, Moses, Satan, Lot (Lot's wife), Jonas, Abel, Zacharias, Barachias, David, Solomon, John the Baptist, Jacob, Israel, Abraham, Isaac, Abiathar, Esaias, Noah, Beelzebub, Martha, Mary, Lazarus, Zacchaeus, Simon, Peter, Jona, Cephas, Philip, Saul, Paul, Jesus Christ, Ananias, Balaam, Balac, Antipas, Jezebel, Alpha and Omega, God.
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    Well I certainly can't think of any you left out ;).
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    nice job bill.............that is too cool-- whole lot of preaching right there brother

    inspired me to do another module, but i think i need help

    it would look better if made in "forge" i think for sure...............:cool: