Poem: God's river of life

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    God's River Of Life
    Listen to the waterfall roar, what an awesome sound, as we stand along the rivers shore.
    Listen to God's still voice, He is our Great Sheppard now and forever, let us rejoice.
    As a piece of drift wood, we float, down the river of life, we go like a boat.
    His voice is like the current, sudden or swift, He leads you through all life's turns and twist.
    You might sometimes drift, get back in the middle of God's will, where the current is swift.
    Watch out for the rapids, and the hidden stumps, or you could be overturned and possibly sunk.
    Beware of snags and snares, God can gently remove us, because He always cares.
    Just flow with the current of God's love, knowing that He is looking down from heaven above.
    Author: buckeyejim
    No matter what comes our way, through life’s circumstances or through personal sin.
    Repent of your sin and trust in god to lead the way.
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