Print Notes & Bible Text Together

Discussion in 'Future' started by dchunter, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. dchunter

    dchunter Member

    I would really like the ability to print a chapter of the Bible with all my personal notes on that chapter in the margin. I use your software extensively but I can't join the text and my notes in one view. Is this something you would consider developing? I can provide requirements or help with beta testing if you need. Thanks!
  2. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    Rather than printing Bible text with notes in a margin, would it work for you to have it printed with your notes in between verses instead?
  3. Eric

    Eric Beta Tester

    This would be excellent. I'm not too sure I'd like the notes interspersed between verses, though. I think it would really interrupt the flow of reading a text. But when the notes are in the margin, you can read straight through your printout of the text and only look at the margin as you want to.
  4. dchunter

    dchunter Member

    My vision for notes would be similar to the way Microsoft Word handles change tracking. Bubbles in the right margin that are "attached" to verses or words within verses, that expand and contract dynamically to best use the space. They would also have formatting tools (like highlight, underline, etc), would allow hyperlinks to verses or to external sources, and would allow icons to indicate the type of note it is (like cross-reference, definition, person, place, quotation, question, etc.).

    Oh wait, I'm describing new editing functionality... for the print part, just putting the notes in the margin and visually connecting them to the verse or words they relate to. I agree with Eric that I do not want my notes to interrupt the text.

    Thanks for listening!