Something like English-Strong's for Strong's words

Discussion in 'Future' started by Eric, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Eric

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    This may already exist in SwordSearcher, but if so, I've either been unable to find it or already forgot where it is. :) If it's not there yet, it seems to me to be something useful.

    If I search for a Hebrew or Greek word in the KJVS module, I get a list that comes up with the entire verse. However. If that's a word like H776, I get >2000 hits. And each page in the list contains 100 of them. Thus, there are >20 pages to scroll through. Sometimes what I'm interested in is just seeing how that word is translated in the KJV, i.e., the various ways one original word is rendered in the KJV (and the frequency). To some degree this info in available in the Strong's dictionary itself, since it usually lists all the ways the KJV renders a given word. What I am looking for is a way to get a compact list with minimal context – like the list that you get with Ctrl-F5 (Search > English-Strong's Indexer). I think it'd give a good overview, especially if it could be sorted (1) by frequency and (2) by book.
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    You're not missing anything -- there's no way to get this the way you would like to see it. It's something certainly worthy of examination -- there is probably a good way to present that info that I can come up with.