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    I would like to do a specific search in the KJV (preferably) on how many times the Bible refers to our speech or talk. I know I can do a search for the word tongue, but there are quite a few verses that refer to a person's speech that don't include the word tongue. Any ideas?
  2. waiting to see other ideas myself, but here is mine... lots of search available in SwordSearcher 8 with lots of tools and I just love the cross-references like the TSK-KJV and topical study tools … wow, oh wow can you find and fill up with all that the Holy Ghost offers through His Words … Thanks for the cool question ;) fill your basket to the brim and keep filling the pots... other words I did search but it didn't show on my menu below are of course "say" and other forms as "said" and more you will think of as it goes along and you look at some in context as the Bible itself shows you yet more. You can also use "English stemming" and "fuzzy" and "partial" matches in the checkbox of an F2 search. Let the Holy Ghost be your teacher and it's so edifying and more likely to be remembered in my case anyway. language.jpg
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    I really like Mobi's suggestion to use the KJV-TSK to help with this. There is no quick way to do this kind of search and this is more of a study than a search.

    I do find Nave's Topical Bible to be useful in these kinds of situations, too. There is an entry on Speaking.
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    You could use the English Strongs Indexer to chase down synonyms and also search out Greek and Hebrew words that are related to the concept of speak, talk, etc.

    Also the Webster's 1913 and 1828 dictionaries has synonyms for a lot of words.
    Speak - Syn. — To say; tell; talk; converse; discourse; articulate; pronounce; utter.
  5. I was looking around in SwordSearcher 8.2 and did a word cloud on a batch of verses that relate to the Works of God in Preservation and noticed His Voice in these Works... here is a Word Tree based on that search.... I also notice the reference to the "sound that goeth out of His mouth" Language :) Voice_Preserve.JPG

    Here are the verses used in the "Word Cloud tool" from a verse list that I then transferred to the "Word Tree tool". copy and paste them into the "Scan Text for Verse References tool" and then back to a Word Cloud if you are interested; but I just wanted to show how I found this. Only available in SwordSearcher 8.2 to see like this, and I might have missed it without such visual aids... and from here is where I then go to look at context and so on. OH wow the living waters in His "language"! Like rain that literally feed the earth, His Words literally feed and keep our soul. (preservation language)

    Ne 9:6; Job 12:10; Ps 36:6; Ps 104:28,30; Job 38:39-41; Job 39:5-8; Ps 104:20-21; Ps 147:9; Joe 2:21-22; Mt 6:26; Ge 8:22; Ps 74:17; Ac 14:17; Job 9:7; Job 38:32-33; Ps 65:8; Ps 147:4; Isa 50:3; Jer 31:35; Jer 33:25,20; Ge 9:12-17; Job 5:10; Job 12:15; Job 28:11; Job 36:27-28; Job 38:26-27,37; Ps 65:9-12; Ps 68:9-10; Ps 77:17; Ps 104:13; Ps 135:7; Pr 3:20; Jer 51:16; Job 26:8-9; Job 36:29-32; Job 37:11-16,6,10; Job 38:22-23; Ps 147:16-17; Ps 148:7-8; 2Sa 22:14; Job 26:11; Job 37:1-5; Job 38:25; Ps 29:3-9; Ps 77:18; Ps 97:4; Jer 10:13; Job 28:24-25; Job 37:17; Ps 78:26; Ps 147:18; Ge 48:15; 2Sa 22:2-3; Job 7:20; Job 10:12-13; Job 33:18; Ps 7:10; Ps 16:5; Ps 23:5-6; Ps 27:1; Ps 32:7; Ps 46:1-3,7; Ps 48:14; Ps 54:4; Ps 61:4; Ps 62:2,6-7; Ps 63:8; Ps 66:9; Ps 73:23; Ps 89:18; Ps 90:1; Ps 91:2; Ps 94:22; Ps 121:3-5,7-8; Isa 12:2; Isa 46:3-4; Job 34:14-15; Ps 104:29