Strange error (to me anyway) :)

Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by Regie, Aug 9, 2014.

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    Now that I have discovered what the error was, I thought it might be well to post it here in case someone else had a similar problem wherein you began pulling out your hair trying to find it: :)

    In using Forge to construct a commentary entry, I got a message saying that "commentary text for Jos 1:1 already exists. Additional entry text ignored."

    Well, Joshua 1:1 was exactly right - text was intact exactly. So, this morning, I decided to change $$ Jos 1:1 to $$ Jos 1:2. I imported it into SwordSearcher and there Jos 1:2 was and also $$ Jos 1:1 was also there. Next, I searched for the text that was then showing in MS Word for the $$ Jos 1:1 entry and found that it was in an entry for $$ Jos 19:1:1 - I changed that one back to $$ Jos 19:1 - zap - problem solved. :)

    I only posted this thinking it might help someone else some day.

    Brandon - I hope you found my email pertaining to this early this morning. Thanks for your excellent help and for this forum of people who are interested in making an excellent program even more excellent.

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    Yes, I've done things like that, too, in making Bible modules. Sometimes Forge says there are two entries for a certain verse. If it's the last verse in the chapter (e.g., Ge 1:31), it is highly possible that somewhere I have an entry for some number higher than 31, i.e., I goofed and some verse is numbered Ge 1:131 or something like that. And if I have the box clicked to "show missing verses", it's usually the verse that's missing. If Forge sees anything higher than the last verse number of a chapter, it assumes it is supposed to be in the last verse.