The Bible Audio Features are FANTASTIC!

Discussion in 'General' started by Ken Sturgeon, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Ken Sturgeon

    Ken Sturgeon Active Member

    I took the time to copy and link audio files this morning and have to say that this is a very cool feature that I've not seen offered in any other bible software. I already owned the Scourby MP3's from AMG and it was so easy to configure.
    Thanks for everything Brandon. The more I use SS the more I love it!
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  2. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    I'm really glad you like it. Thanks!
  3. Ken Sturgeon

    Ken Sturgeon Active Member

    Hey, I'm just curious, and it's probably none of my business, but how many SS users do you estimate there to be? I've used free and paid versions of bible software in the past and clearly some of the free ones have a large community of users but it SS is worth every dollar. It's full of features (some of which I probably don't even know about yet), easy to use, and it just works! I certainly pray that God has blessed you financially for all of your hard work and contributions to the body of Christ.
  4. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    I have a general idea based on sales history how many licensed users there are, but I don't share that information with the public. The Lord has seen fit to provide for my family as I have worked on SwordSearcher full time for around 15 years. It has been a wonderful blessing to be able to do that. I also do independent consulting work on other projects.

    Most people will never get past the fact that there is a price tag attached to the software and do not try it, so the SwordSearcher user base is certainly smaller than the free programs. That's fine with me. :)
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  5. Ken Sturgeon

    Ken Sturgeon Active Member

    I totally understand not sharing that information Brandon; I'm very glad to hear that God has blessed your efforts and pray that he will continue to do so in the future. :)
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  6. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    The audio is my favorite feature. I can listen, do a search while listening, take notes while listening, and easily pause with ctrl-space if I need more time. The ease of doing searches is also top notch.
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  7. Johnny NL

    Johnny NL Active Member

    After Salvation,... The Word of God thru SwordSearcher8, IS the next best thing,... way,way,way before the wheel ! ! ! :D
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