The Giants of Genesis chapter 6

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    I have decided to post my thoughts on the issue of the giants of Genesis chapter 6 because the subject has cropped up on at least a couple of occasions, in the "Exo Vaticana" thread (Coffee Table), and in "Does the Bible Really Say That?" (Bible, Doctrine, and Other Issues). There is no little controversy with regards to this subject, so it is worth exploring.

    The most recent mention in "Exo Vaticana" was a few weeks ago, and I apologise for the delay in responding as I have had a family bereavement to deal with. In addition, there seems to be a limit on the size of post which can be posted on this forum, and the study in the giants which I have done is considerably larger than this limit.

    After discussion with Brandon he came up with the suggestion of linking the file as an upload. the file is a PDF, entitled "Those Giants".

    I am very much aware of the differing views on this subject, and do not want to come across as dogmatic. I would much rather this post is seen as my findings, and would encourage everyone, regardless of whether you agree or not, to search the scriptures for yourselves.

    Interestingly, the issue is that there are chiefly two views or understandings of these giants, and yet what I have found is that there is actually room for both views, as you will see from the study.

    I hope it is helpful to you.


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    I agree with your pdf. Thanks.
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    Excellent paper. Thanks indeed. I sincerely believe the Bible is about balance, and strands of truth may appear to be opposing to our western way of thinking when in reality they blend to show the delicate and wondrous balance of the Scriptures, and the unfathomable depth of the wisdom of the awesome God we serve.
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    Great insight! I made your pdf a module so I can study it in depth. Thanks, Truckerboy!
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