Tribes of the 12 Disciples

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    Very interesting. Thank you, terrpn!
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    The Apostles were doing something they had no right to do, only Christ has the authority to choose his Apostles. Christ already had another in mind and we all know who that was. Paul, Gods spokesman to the church.
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    Perhaps the disciples were premature in choosing Matthias despite the prayer. It would appear Paul was to be the apostle to replace Judas. Luke 24:49 ...but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.
    They were to wait in Jerusalem. No order was given to cast lots, choose a replacement but to wait for the baptism by the Holy Ghost. Just a thought
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    I'm big on types and shadows myself.
    The Key is the life of Joseph and everything Joseph did or happened to him is a type and shadow. Joseph put a cup in Benjamin bag this was symbolic of the cup of the New Covenant. It was Paul who was a Benjamite and possibly many of the disciples as well.- Interesting that the cup in Benjamin's bag had more significance. Once you get the timeline of Joseph down, it is easy to see Abraham, Issac and Jacob as symbolic figures of the Father,Son,Holy Spirit.And then the twelve brothers-12 disciples.
    Everything in the OT has types and shadows for the NT, it's finding something in particular that is the hard part. (Like the rapture)
    The two brides of Jacob (Rachael and Leah) are types of Israel and the Church.
    If anyone comes across types and shadows I sure would like this information, I have a ton of them.
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    good stuff.........
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    Sorry I was out of the loop for more than a year so I did not see your reply/response to my post.

    I was not against the concept of the lot as there was its use in matters as referenced by you. However, here we see a situation where there were only 2 choices given as if there was no way God could refuse to accept one of the two.

    If I may illustrate this, consider this situation - In my part of the world, arranged or fixed marriages were the norm. So the parents, and the son to be married, go over numerous proposals, seeking the best bride with numerous parameters such as beauty, family social status, wealth, education, any relatives abroad or else green card holder, and such others. So imagine I have listed two and then put two names in the box and piously and sincerely pray, "Thou, Lord, which knowest the hearts of all men, shew whether of these two thou hast chosen," and pull one name out of the bag and the lot falls to one. And I say, "Praise God, He has selected one for me", could you accurately say that this was the Lords will?

    That was what I am referring to.
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    Very late to the game here, but is it not possible that the brothers Mothers and Fathers were from different tribes, or had either different Fathers or Mothers? (Step brothers if you will.)