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    Hey guys,

    Like what I see thus far with SS8. Am primarily studying law and will be doing a lot of underlining/highlighting, etc.

    In the Modules forum, I posted a question about law related modules. Hey why not start one's OWN law module? :) Sound like a good idea?

    How automated would that be? which is to ask, would notes propagate to all matching instances? or just one instance at a time?

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    Let's expand on the OP (original post). Look at the example below. In the footnotes of Common Lawyer's Bible, that is.. in the commentaries, the following appears.


    Notice how the Hebrew letters, characters or symbols default to [some kind of] ASCII text?

    Is this by accident? or to hide the Hebrew word H5387? Nasi ? in 20th century, there Romans were Nazis? yes/no

    Here's a screen-cap from SS v8..

  3. Brandon Staggs

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    Please try posting your images again.

    If you paste text into SwordSearcher it should retain the correct letters, unless the original source is some kind of specialized 8-bit font, in which case that depends entirely on the source material.

    You can see how user-created modules work in this video:

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    After you watch the video please let me know if your question was answered. I am not sure what "instance" means in this context.