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  1. Eric

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    I want to find any instances of these phrases:

    "of the Spirit", "of the devil", "of God", "of us", "of the world"; "of faith", "of circumcision", "of works", "of the law"

    How should I do the search? I can't seem to get any hits. Thank you! (See attached screenshot.) SwordSearcher search for %22of the …%22 phrases.jpg
  2. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    replace the comma with the pipe symbol | which means OR. I get 1001 occurrences.

    "of the Spirit"| "of the devil"| "of God"| "of us"| "of the world"; "of faith", "of circumcision", "of works", "of the law"
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  3. Eric

    Eric Beta Tester

    Thank you, Bill! That does it. I got 1287x in 1167 vv. However, looks as if maybe you didn't convert some commas. What I was hoping to find was people who are "of ___". I hadn't really thought of it in the OT context, but in the NT it is really neat. People show essential characteristics of ____. I was studying I John when I noticed it: they went out from us because they were not of us. Then I thought of Romans: "of the law", "of circumcision", "of the Spirit", etc.
  4. wsbones

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    I missed some of the punctuation I guess because the search box is smaller than the string of parameters. I get 1167 also. The search summary is interesting?

    I have a Python script that finds all the words following a string of text so I tried "of the" in the NT. Here's the result. It may trigger some other ideas.

    If you are interested I am attaching the script for the above. It will let you click on each word and do a search. Just paste it into the SS editor in a user book, new entry.

    Be sure you are in the CODE mode not the DESIGN mode and then save the topic.

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  5. Ruthlyn

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    This is really neat! Thanks Bill :)
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