Why Did Jesus Come?

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    Search I AM COME in the words of Christ:

    • In my Father's name
    • For judgment
    • As a Light
    • To fulfill the law
    • To call sinners to repentance
    • To send a sword, not peace
    • To divide
    I will come again to receive you unto myself.
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    "The spirit of the lord is upon me to.....................preach the acceptable YEAR of the lord." Lk.4;18,19

    Therefore the early Christians set up a Calander according to Christ. BC and AD
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    He came for me, and will do so again!!!:):):)
  4. Thank God Jesus came for me, and am Pastoring the church called Revival Calvary Chapel in Lesotho,Southern Africa. Thank you
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  5. Thank you for doing this work,weather here is cold ,how are you doing where you are at?God bless and take care.
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