Why do you love God?

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    I watched Charles Stanley's weekly broadcast a little early this week and my heart leaped when he asked, "Why do you love God?" When I first asked myself that question several years ago, my answer was all about what He does for me, and it disturbed me that my relationship with Him was about me, not about Him. So I set out to find out who HE is. I didn't realize that my answer would now be about Him until I heard Dr. Stanley ask the question.

    Let me tell you, my God is so smart - just look what he did with creation! He loves color and variety, and details - consider the inner workings of the things He made! He's cheerful and happy. He's super patient, and what a sense of humor! He likes surprises and laughter and harmony. He's loving and gentle and caring, but He's a ferocious protector, too. He's a giver - He gives good stuff to people who don't even know Him. He's AMAZING! ...and He loves me!

    These few words barely begin to convey who He is and His AWESOMENESS. But now I'll pose the question to you to ponder:

    "Why do you love God?"
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    Great post, Marty. Your initial view is what has become of modern gospel preaching - everything is about the individual and what being saved does for them. The true gospel is about how we come out so badly when measured against God's righteousness, and how we need God to save us because are incapable of getting right with Him by ourselves. In other words, it is all about Him!

    I love Him because of who He is, although I am still in quite a bit of ignorance - I need to learn so much more!

    Thanks Marty!
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    1Jo 4:19 I love him, because he first loved me. Re 1:5 and washed me from my sins in his own blood,
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    You got it!
  5. I Love Jesus very much, For all the things he has done , Well very good post will look at many as i can.
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    Ro 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

    I go with he loved me, all of us, first.