Windows 8.1 Pro Preview

Discussion in 'Coffee Table' started by Gord, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Gord

    Gord Beta Tester

    I caught a virus in W7 and I used that as an opportunity to install Linux, I tried Mint, Ubuntu, SuSE and PCLinuxOS. None of them would install SwordSearcher in Wine or Codeweavers (trial).

    I installed the evaluation copy of Windows 8.1 Pro, and I have to say that I am beginning to like some of it's new features. SwordSearcher works the same as it did in W7. Even though my laptop does not have touch screen, I can see how that may be my next hardware purchase.

    It would be neat if you could have SS cycle through Bible verses or Word Cloud as an option on the Start page. (I'm thinking that's a Window's tweak) and not something we could do.
  2. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    Access to the Start Screen with live tiles is not possible from desktop applications like SwordSearcher. All you can do is set a tile for a shortcut.

    Well, technically it is possible with some hacks and sideloading, but that wouldn't be something 99.9999% of people would want to or could do.
  3. Gord

    Gord Beta Tester

    Yes, any more than two mouse clicks, is geek speak to me. :)
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  4. Ruthlyn

    Ruthlyn Beta Tester

    I've gone totally win 8 pro and am loving it. Can't figure out what all the negativity was (and still is) about. I installed it on my desktop and it was the easiest upgrade I ever did and I broke down and got me the surface pro (figured the SP2 would REALLY be out of my budget) and now I am a very happy camper :). I simply love the new portability of everything and I don't have to put up with limited Bible apps on the phone anymore because I have my fully loaded SS7 and Scourby always with me!!
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  5. Brandon Staggs

    Brandon Staggs Administrator Staff Member

    I completely agree. I've had Windows 8 Pro on my primary development machine since it was available to MSDN subscribers (which I am) and while there is definitely room for improvement I really like it.

    I also run it on a Samsung Series 7 Slate, which is somewhat like a Surface Pro (not quite as portable, and a bit heavier and older).
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  6. Gord

    Gord Beta Tester

    I agree also. MS did a wise thing allowing users to preview, the 'teddy bear' sales worked on me, I will be buying the final product when released, and likely a tablet also.
  7. marty

    marty Beta Tester

    Someone told me that using Windows 8 would be a piece of cake after using my smartphone - they were right! My biggest problem is remembering which device screens are touch-sensitive and which ones aren't. I'm forever trying to move something with my finger instead of the mouse!
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  8. TerriP

    TerriP Active Member

    Cracking up here. I can just picture it LOL
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  9. Ruthlyn

    Ruthlyn Beta Tester

    So can I... as I have the EXACT same problem :D
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  10. Gord

    Gord Beta Tester

    Hmmmm, that explains the wear in the right index finger nail... :D
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  11. Gord

    Gord Beta Tester

    I find that this 8.1 runs really HOT on my Toshiba Satellite c650 AMD 64.
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  12. Johnny NL

    Johnny NL Active Member

    New window 8.... SS..... all work sooooooo good. Amen!
    Thanks Ya'all for alllllll the good work ! ( SS and modules from Mr. Staggs, and of course all the other modules and tricks and hints from Ya'all.)
    T H A N K Y O U !