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  1. One function I would love to see is the option to consistently set a verse list or Bible search results as the *SCOPE* for the Word Tree tool

    For example: I Bible search for ("voice of the")(Lord|God)
    I know I can currently use the Word Cloud Generator on this result and then select a single word there for the Word Tree Tool and the list is set as the scope: but I guess it just seems like it would be cool to click a box to set the whole (or part of the) verse list as the scope for the Word Tree Tool knowing it's all based on the special search results previously done. Even if I can already do it now on the whole list :)
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    From the verse list, right-click a word:


    Selecting that will open the Word Tree with the scope set to the verse list verses. From that point, until you change the scope in some other way, it will retain that scope.
  3. Leave it to me to always take the long road first, and once a habit gets formed, I tend to forget stuff. Thank you for this feature and reminder! (It's time for me to form a new habit)
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    Returning to training videos, and going back to basic... it always serve me good...like extremely good. :D