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    Organizing Sermons

    Thanks so much for the replies. Even though I don't comment much, I love the software and the comments here in the forum. Blessings!
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    Organizing Sermons

    Good morning. I have a couple of questions on organizing my sermons from the last 45 years. First, should I create 2 modules - one for topical sermons and the other for textual sermons? Second, if I create a book module with the date as the entry, does it matter which order I create the...
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    Printing headers and page numbers

    Hi, First of all, let me say how much I am enjoying Sword Searcher! It has really made studying much more fruitful! I have a question. I like to print out my notes to help in my sermon preparation so I can underline and make notes in the margins. Is there a way to print headers and page...