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    Hi Bones.. I'm still running XP and I have had BE4 for a while. I had to manipulate the directory structure and copy the images in, but it was worth it. Works Great!!!! Thank you.. this is another great module for SS. In Christ Ron
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    Renaming Entries

    Thanks Bones.. Pretty simple stuff.. just like shopping for sugar :)
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    Renaming Entries

    Hi guys.. I've only posted a few times, but am frequently lurking in this forum.. great info here. I have not been able to find an answer for a question.. (though I have been known to ask where the sugar is at Wal Mart while I am standing right in front of the huge pile of it:) Anyway.. is...
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    On Site Editor

    I'm an old time user, but new to the forums. This is great!! One of the features I think would be nice, would be to have notepad within SS. A window that can be turned on and off, but can be used to assemble lessons and sermons within the app. Although one can create sermons in a New User...
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    Picture PopUp

    Thanks Brandon. I was reading in "Future" part of the forums and seen a similar request and response. Just to be clear though, I wanted the images to show up on a mouse over. The Onlinebilble has the Answer Book by AIG with embedded images, and that was the technique I was going for. I...
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    Picture PopUp

    Hi there, I'm tying to create a new user module, but within the text I would like to have a .jpg appear (like the Bible verse links do). ie: #Gen1:1| I have been successful at creating the links (via send entry link), but that open a separate window. I would like it to show up just...