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    CMRB, RRB Module Possibilities

    No worries, SS is still BY FAR the best! Thank you Brandon.
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    CMRB, RRB Module Possibilities

    Is there any possibility that the Common Man's Reference Bible and/or Ruckman's Reference Bible will ever be available as paid modules? I see that CMRB is available as a paid module in Bible Analyzer; that kind of gave me hopes that we'll see it soon in SS.
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    SwordSearcher 8.4 Released with new Quick Concordance Tool and more

    Man, you guys are fast!! I ordered and installed it as soon as I got the email; just finished the process. :)
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    Included Companion Bible Appendixes [CBApx] [Deluxe]

    It looks like CBApx is missing the info for Appendix 83. My copy has only the header information that follows: Companion Bible Appendix #83 JEREMIAH, THE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER OF HIS PROPHECIES
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    Make highlight type (color) "sticky" when editing user modules

    Brandon, this is a bit off topic but would it be too big an effort to provide the same type of color picker that Eric shows in his original post for highlighting in the bible window? Thank you.
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    Print Notes & Bible Text Together

    Brandon, could the notes be printed between the chapters instead of between the verses; perhaps in a differing font size?
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    Print Study Bible

    This is going to sound like a very odd question but to get straight to the point; Does anyone know how I might be able to print my own study bible? I have neurological issues with my hands that prevent me from writing legibly so I have all of the notes I'd previously written in my bible...
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    What I love about SwordSearcher

    I too used eSword for years before finding SS. It is the most valuable personal software that I own and it seems like Brandon continues to find peculiar ways to improve it; for instance, the Word trees!! Who in the world would have thought of something like that? I could go on and on but you are...
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    Editor upgrade to the Sword Searcher Program

    Thank you, I'll check that out. :)
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    Editor upgrade to the Sword Searcher Program

    Thank you very much for sharing that! :)
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    Editor upgrade to the Sword Searcher Program

    Yeah, I've watched him. I wish he'd post past sermons. My old pastor attends there now; Dan Schmidt. I am so indebted to that man for teaching me how to rightly divide God's word and convincing me that we do have a single authoritative source of God's word.
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    How do you remember the order of the books of the Bible?

    Well don't be shy Ruthlyn, sing it for us!! :)
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    Editor upgrade to the Sword Searcher Program

    Unfortunately our church closed a couple of years ago and the closest bible believing church is over an hour away in the next state. There are a couple of churches near us that use KJV but you get a lot of "a better way to translate..." kind of talk in their sermons and all of the churches...