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    Prayers Needed

    Your Grand Niece is a cutie! Praises that she is now home with her Momma!
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    New forum software migration

    What looks like a sand or cream color on his monitors renders a slight pinkish-orange color on my laptop... We'll fix that...
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    Praise Report/Update for Frank and Crissy P.

    You might remember I asked for prayer for this couple when they had a 2nd trimester stillbirth a while back. They suffered another loss after that. I am so happy to update with the birth of a full term healthy baby boy born last night. Little Frankie and Mom and Dad are all doing well! Thank...
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    Prayers urgently needed

    adding my prayers.
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    Cataract Surgury

    How is your recovery going?
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    Malignant Breast Cancer

    That is good news. Prayers for Tomorrow's treatment.
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    Help An ESword Guy

    So Steve, did you get it yet? :)
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    Feedback request: SwordSearcher videos

    No, you do not sound funny. It looks and sounds good. Instructions are clear and easy to understand. I've learned some things I did not know. Very instructive. I like it. Is interesting a good thing? :) I always find it funny how we "picture" someone in our minds as looking a certain way...
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    Help me not be annoyed

    I see what you mean. Now that you mention it I do the same thing. It seriously interferes with my sense of order.
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    Prayer Request - Us

    Thank you, Ed. No apology is necessary. I think your condolences came at just the right time. Our due date would have been in just a couple of weeks and I find the words from everyone just as comforting now as they were then. Thank you, Eddie. Thank you very much, Tim. Brandon started the...
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    Neighbor Dying

    I'm sorry I didn't see this until now. Praying for her husband as he mourns his wife and also for his own health.
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    Christian Emoticons for SS Forums?

    What do you find missing?
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    Malignant Breast Cancer

    Thanks for the update. More prayers.
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    Malignant Breast Cancer

    Praying for her.
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    Malignant Breast Cancer

    Praying for your SIL and both sides of the family.