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    Becoming a Freemasonary as a Christian.

    As a born again Christian you cannot join the Freemasons, Stewart. Apart from the fact that you can't apply to join - it is by invite only, as a member you have to swear your allegiance to the Craft above anything else. If nothing else, that contradicts the command to "have no other gods before...
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    Isaiah 2:4

    I shall watch this one with interest, TerriP! There is enough food and money for every one to be well fed and financially comfortable. Until all these resources are put in the hands of human beings!
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    This subject does keep cropping up, so here is a link to a thread in which I did a study on this topic. I hope it is helpful.
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    Casting Pearls Before Swine

    It is going to be a rough ride, but that is exactly what the Bible says will happen in the run-up to the Second Coming. It is easy to be daunted by such prospects. I can remember when I first came up against Freemasonry, when the whole debate about Freemasonry and the Church of England hit the...
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    Casting Pearls Before Swine

    Kenneth Copeland praying in tongues for the Pope, eh? Copeland is a 33rd degree Mason, I believe, which means he worships Lucifer. Oh dear. In the end, when it comes to errant beliefs, it is largely the result of spiritual deception, so people will not give their beliefs up easily, neither will...
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    Casting Pearls Before Swine

    You could point him towards Dave Hunt's book "A Woman Rides the Beast", which draws extensively on Roman Catholicism's own documentation for his material. It's not perfect, but is still a real eye-opener. You could also suggest he looks at, the website of Richard Bennett, a...
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    feeling a bit crushed

    Excellent words, TerriP! Mobi - I can empathise with you - I have two out of three children away from the Lord, and the education system had a lot to do with it, as did peer pressure/night clubbing with one of them. Similarly, the media is controlled by the enemy, and is used massively as a...
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    My Brother

    Will pray for God's miraculous provision! (and for God to reveal why this is happening to your brother).
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    Isaiah chapter 47

    I hear you too, TerriP! Preach it out loud!
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    Website to check

    Thanks Bill. Already visit that one, it is very useful, and I can recommend it too!
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    Home and Job

    Excellent post, TerriP. Thanks!
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    Your Prayers are needed for my Church Situation

    I am facing having to go and see the leaders at my church with quite a challenge, and need it to be thoroughly covered in prayer. We are a fellowship of around 80 members, plus around 40 who come and go on Sundays. We are an ageing congregation, and because we are situated in a fairly wealthy...
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    Why Did Jesus Come?

    Welcome to you too, Charles. I hope you enjoy your time with us, and are blessed by being part of this forum.
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    "Just Checking In Today"

    Thank you John. I've already shared it on other media. Many thanks.
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    Anybody see this?

    The number 40 is used in the Bible to signify trials, testing and/or judgement. This would mean that the destruction of the temple was God's judgement on the people for their continuing disobedience and rejection.